Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2014 and 2015 is STACKED WITH GOODNESS...Starting with a huge announcement!!

Oh my LORD and TAYLOR!!!
The emails keep coming...the phone is ringing...the social media is being whored on...I got a lot going on!!!
This next year is a non stop set of GOODNESS! NONSTOP PEOPLE!! 


I am just finalizing an Eastern Tour with Canadian Icon, Mary Walsh, YES, MARY WALSH!!... that starts a year TOMORROW in April 2015 with dates in Moncton, Saint John, Liverpool, Fredericton, Summerside and Halifax.
BUT WHAT about all the time before that?
Well, thanks for asking... I have an awesome gig at the Flying Beaver Pubaret next week, April 25th, 9:00pm w/ Steve Thomas... we rehearsed yesterday...oh my sweet jebus... that Kellis song from the Mean Girls made the cut ... and new P!nk and YoncĂ©...and some awesome, old school medleys that Steve originally charted...and then forgot he charted...and then, finally remembered. 
Good times...I love watching him smile without an inch of hubris about his own smartness. 
I am so excited to sit and sing!! Or maybe stand, too.
There are actually only a handful of tickets get yours now...I am not even just saying that, peeps...the room is get yours here...I would love to see you!

Tix $20 advance/$25 door
Available at the Pubaret or online at

Dinner available before, during, and after the show.
Dinner patrons get priority seating.
E-mail or call 647.347.6567 for rezzos.
THEN there is a WORLD Pride show at Buddies and Second City in June with Gavin Crawford called...wait for it...Gavin Crawford and Sharron Matthews are Vicious Bitches...yes, please...AND THEN solo shows this summer for the Elora Festival, Brockville Arts Centre, Lebovic Centre Outdoor Concert Series in Stouffville, and then Georgie and I are celebrating his new hip and our 20th wedding anniversary by DRIVING...yes.. DRIVING...out to Kamloops, BC and doing "Closer Than Ever" at the Western Canada Theatre in August/September with Patricia Zentilli and Steve Thomas for 5 weeks ...I just passed out AND THAT IS JUST THE SUMMER!!!
Now, as we get into fall and the holidays I am going to be doing some opening dates for "Kids in the Hall's" Bruce McCullough's "Young Drunk Punk" show in Oakville, St. Catharines and Richmond Hill in Nov/Dec, then I December I do "Sharron's Christmas Party" at Stirling Theatre, then there is the return of our HIT Super Fun Christmas Sing-A-Long at Buddies for THREE nights this year and then touring it (FOR THE FIRST TIME!) to one of my fave places, The Shadbolt Centre in Burnaby, BC for two nights... ENDING WITH a whole new format/variety show at the Richmond Hill Centre For the Arts on New Years Eve with Kevin Fox, George Masswohl and WHO knows who else... SO many wonderful COLLABORATIONS...and that is just so far!! 
2014/2015 is shaping up to be a grand grand awesome year... Way to go Tammy Fox for booking the hell out this shiz.
For tickets to most of the events simply click the yellow theatre or event title...if there is no yellow link...the web connection is forthcoming!
And there is always info on the old website!!
Some stuff has not been added yet...but go here for deets...
Thanks be to baby jesus...the bunnies...the unicorns...and, as always...the kittens.

P.S. I forgot to add that George, Patricia and myself will be doing the "Closer Than Ever" again at 1000 Islands Playhouse next spring, right after the tour with Mary. 
Life is grand. 

P.P.S I ALSO forgot to mention that eastern son, East Coast Music Award Winner and Theatre New Brunswick MD, Michael Doherty will be accompanying me ( in the van and on the piano) on the Eastern Tour next, Mary and Mike (awesome show title) a car...what WILL happen?

Peace OUT
(drops mic to the floor)

(drops down on the ground)

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