Saturday, April 26, 2014

Relevance may be overrated.

This is a time of my life I find hard to put into words.
I know this because I just started and deleted 10 opening sentences.
After all of the touring, money raising, show writing and configuring, photo sessions, publicity compiling, venue getting, then house filling, plane ticket buying, money stretching, hair pulling, melatonin taking, 50 pound limit packing (MADNESS),  Blackberry-wishing-I-could-whip-out-the-windowing (which turned into IPHONE-wishing-I-could-whip-out-the-windowing in 2012...better late than never), costuming, charting, rehearsing, re-rehearsing, dealing with sickness-ing, rolling around the hill in sadness and glory beside the Half Price Hut in Edinburgh-ing, selling the show with my bits and pieces-ing, finally having a team to sell the show with my bits and piecing, review reading (lord and taylor...the Christian Newspaper who was offended by “jesus thinks I’m funny” but came to the VERY FIRST PREVIEW in Edinburgh...needless to say...they were NOT with jesus on that one), article writing, variety show promo-ing, 98p pie eating, eye lash applying, killer high heel wearing, getting ready in bathrooms from the 1100’s-ing, sublime triumphant moment having...not so sublime NOT triumphant moment having...commiserating and working hand in hand on 24 hour basis for 28 straight days with awesome UK producer-ing...awesome accompanist, husband and I dragging our shiz all over for publicity and promoting in New York, London and Scotland...and Africa-ing...and many things I can’t even recall right now...after all tends to wind down in way that is...well, pretty obvious.
And sometimes quiet.
Hellllooooooooo, I say, into the quietness.
And sometimes the answer back it is thrilling and peaceful and other times...well, a bit scary.
After the 2012 season Georgie and I had big talks about moving to the UK. We met with attorneys and all. We met with out bank and everything. You guys, we basically met with many people. And then, after much conversation and angst we decided to plant our feet firmly here for the near future.
We love our home and our know what I mean?
Now, to be sure, there are many bookings ahead...Canadian bookings!
I am doing my own shows, I am writing and producing with the amazing Gavin Crawford, I am opening for he likes of Bruce McCulloch of “Kids in the Hall” which is most awesome, I am touring with Icon who is Mary Walsh and being featured on her show...and there are variety shows...and XMAS sing-a-longs...lots of awesome projects!
My booker, Tammy, is excellent...we have been on a long journey together...and she thinks outside of the box...and she is a spitfire, people.
It is hard to build a following in our wide, wide conservative country...who like to watch TV...a she and I are devising other ways to get the word out.
Which is exciting...but it takes time and thought.
AND/BUT it is very different than the excitement and angst of those self-produced and co-produced Edinburgh/London/NewYork years...those times were so immediate, fraught and full.
And may take place again one day (this thought makes me pass out)
These times are like puzzles to be figured.
I surely have said this before on here...but for those of you who weren’t following along (hello to you) or are new (heyyyy) or simply had a life to lead (awesome, good for you) I would just like to say again here that I decided to concentrate on the bookings, touring, building and the writing, compiling and arranging of new work at home from 2013 to now (and beyond) because though the years of 2010 to 2012 were amazing and commercially successful as all hell...and they paid themselves off in many ways...but they were (even with all of the wonderful support I received from supporters) fucking fucking fucking expensive as all get out.
I loved and was challenged by the work I did on Full Dark last year...and this work continues in new ways...which is exciting!
But when life is quiet like this...this is what happens to my brain:

Brain to Sharron: Sharron, are you still current?

Sharron to Brain: Um...huh? Well, I am always thinking about new things...but trying to exercise and perform the things I have worked on touring...and...wait? Why am I justifying myself to...myself?

Brain to Sharron: Just asking. Go back to Facebook...really...but before you your work relevant?

Sharron to Brain: Relevant? Hold on...(goes to Oxford English Dictionary....)

the relevant page numbers: pertinent, applicable, apposite, material, apropos, to the point, germane; connected, related, linked.

Sharron to Brain: Um...I am still a bit confused...but I think so...I feel like it is...I mean I am exploring...WAIT!!?!? WHY am I doing this? You are trying to make me feel bad about myself....Me!

Brain to Sharron: Sorry, I did not mean to upset you. Please, Instagram another picture of your dog...but one more you think people still care about your work?

Sharron to Brain: Um...I...huh...well...WAIT!!! FULL STOP. I will not worry about this...go away mean...Meanie Me.

And on and on it can go.
But last night, and for the last few days...and this is a hope I have had really for the last 20 years...but now it seems closer to being ...I have been saying to myself and out loud to George that I want to let it go...not like Idina Menzel in the Frozen movie...well, maybe sort of...but let that angst wash over me...see it...see it for what it is...and let it go. And continue on with what I am doing.
I think I can do it.
Do things because I love them...or I hate them...of they make me happy or sad...or confused...or unsure...or they make me feel good...or wretched...not because I think it is what I should do...or the natural next step...but because it intrigues me.
How awesome.
Last night, at the Flying Beaver, I had the amazing gift of a pre-sold out house (my version of heaven...I can focus on other things) and a set list that was a total mixed bag. 

Songs/stories that I am trying to figure out what the telling is...songs that I think  exist in bigger pieces...but I wanna stretch them out now...tested and worked medleys that are like putting on an awesome suit of awesomeness...that fit and fly and make me joyous...stories that I had not planned on telling at all...pieces that I had not done forever that I love...and a new song that I think will eventually end Full Dark...just an exciting variety of work...with my pal Steve Thomas on keys.
It was an excellent night. And I had a wonderful time...and the audience was with me all the way...and I took my time...I breathed...and I laughed...and I continued with what I was doing.
And I watched a guy text for 20 I stole his phone...and put it in my bra...and made him slow dance with me.
And the audience and I talked.
I wrecked a whole bunch of people’s hair.
And I sang for one of my idols.
I mean...
It was just...a gift.
What a thing to be able to just be.
I know...I sound all lordy...but was.
And there were other people before and after me...working THEIR shiz.
And I am sure there was magic happening.
How wonderful.

So, here we are.
I want to thank all of the people who came...who bought their tickets early and then the people who came and stood in the wait list line...I know we artists are supposed to be “oh, that always happens” about it...but fuck will never know the supreme gift you are giving to a is just about the best thing...THE BEST.
Also, I want to thank all the people who continually help me shout out on the social media...the emails...the whatever. Another gift of epic proportions.
And thank you to all the people who are just excited to watch a performer work...not even sure of what they might see...there aren’t enough of you in the country...but I hope and pray that your energy will birth more and more.
And thanks to Maggie and Heather for working their asses off to keep that room going. And they do. And it is awesome.
Go see shows there!

I have a couple of NEW NEW endevours...collaborations...coming up in the next few months...and I am all excited and I would love to have you there!!

Gavin Crawford and I are doing a show called, “Gavin Crawford and Sharron Matthews are Vicious Bitches” for World Pride.

June 22nd at Second City TORONTO

AND June 26th at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, TORONTO

Already with throw around names in writing like Elaine Stritch, Adele, many things!! Who knows what will happen!!

And then on July 5th I am doing a new show, that is totally still in the works at the Soulpepper Cabaret Series with accompaniment by the newly-arrived-home-from-the -UK Brendan Wall!!

Check here for tickets.

And this summer I perform at the Elora Festival, in Stouffville, is all on the old website...check it out!

And thanks for reading...and for following...and everything.
Am I relevant?
Who effing cares!
(Still not sure exactly what it means anyhow...)

On another note I just put too many scoops of fibre into our morning shake because I was watching two squirrels do it.
So we are back to our regularly scheduled weirdness.

Have a great day to all.

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