Monday, April 07, 2014

Mean Girls 10th Anniversary...and my 10th year Cabaret Milestone!! ROCK IT!!!

I did an interview with the Huffington Post this past week.
Not even the Canadian version folks...not that I want to appear too fancy...but just for clarity and was with the U.S. Huffington Post. Okay....FANCY!!

 The subject of the interview was the 10 year anniversary of the release of Mean Girls.
Lord and Taylor...REALLY!?!?!?
10 effing years!
Sweet bunnies and kittens.
Mean Girls was my very first feature film...THAT sounds a bit fancy...I know...but it is truth...swears.
Oh, and I trawled for that interview, was the tweet I put out:

Oh yes, I even included the pic...because I am a social media whore...I am not new.
Someone, who shall remain nameless to protect their identity...for certain mysterious reasons, told me that the Huffington Post was searching down people from the movie to interview...and I wasted no time.
Because WHO does not want a little press in a year of building new work (lord...saying it that way made me throw up in my mouth....let us just say I am working on new shit)...a girl needs to keep herself current in the media and all.

Here is the link the THAT fancy article!!
AND, not just that, but Mean Girls was and still continues to be a big deal in my life.
Most importantly, it is the closer when trying to sell my show.
After three years of performing in Edinburgh the whole team who worked on the show finally gave into the fact that listing my theatrical credits, my reviews and anything else took way too long... “She was Joan the Secretary in Mean Girls”...then they would show them the above picture and tickets got sold.
Like a motherfucker.
So, Lorne Michels and Tina Fey, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.
I would work my ass off after that to keep the audience happy and joyous, but Mean Girls got them through the door...I am not embarrassed to say it, quite the opposite, I am GRATEFUL AS HELL for the credit.
From Tina Fey greeting me at my trailer my first day on set to hanging out with Edna Furber (Jan) and “I Can’t Help It If I Have A Wide Vagina” girl (Stephanie) everyday at the lunch be joined by Amy Poeller, Anna Gasteyer, Tina and that dude from Scrubs...much to our collective chagrin...the experience is one I won’t soon forget.
SO...I was trying to figure out a fun and casual theme for my show this month at the Flying Beaver Pubaret in TO...I have not done a show in town in almost 7 months...and I always miss singing and telling a tale just for the sweet sake of it...I decided I would have some Mean Girls themes and stories in the show!
Oh my....what does that mean you ask?
And why just SOME?
You will just have to come to find out...but I am looking into Kellis, P!nk, YoncĂ© (I need you all to know that I just googled “How do I spell Yonce with the thing over the e on a MAC?”...judge at will) and many other songs to help tell you about how the costume designer bought all my costumes four, count ‘em, four sizes too big...but I wore them anyhow...or how all of our honey wagons (read, trailers and poop places) were in the parking lot of the Mental Health Centre and one actress was too afraid to step outside her trailer and would only honk the horn to get the attention of the first I found out why sometimes they tell you (and I felt in this case that it was totally justified) that you are not to look some performers in the eye on set...or how I the “Has anyone here ever been called a slut?” shot came to be...or how I met Lorne Michels...SO MANY STORIES!! So many that I have never told...but 10 years seems like the perfect amount of time to wait, right?
Also, it is the 10 year anniversary of the day my sweet husband and I decided that I would devote all of my time and energy to making a go of cabaret. (George said, “I will work and you sell your is what you is worth it.” gotta love him.) I was looking through all my old pictures and was waxing a bit many awesome many many amazing supporters and audience much the other part of the show will be a Sharron’s Party tribute...all wrapped up in a sing-a-long....TRUTH! Mean Girls and Sharron’s Party...accompanied by the ever awesome Steve Thomas!!!

FRIDAY April 25th @ 9:00pm at the Flying Beaver Pubaret on Parliament Street


Tix $20 advance/$25 door
Available at the Pubaret or online at

Dinner available before, during, and after the show.
Dinner patrons get priority seating.
E-mail or call 647.347.6567 for rezzos.


I would love love love love to see you all there.
It will be all things super awesome and fun...with maybe a ballad thrown in for good measure.

It is a small room so make your rezzo NOW!!!

And here are some of the pics (I am so happy to have such a fabulous catalogue of shots of all of my stuff!!!) and the people who helped make my dreams come true!!

David Shelley
Mike Bickerton
Bryce Kulak
Ed Sahely
Gavin Crawford
George Masswohl
Derrick Chua
Wayne Gwillim
Sara Farb 
Patricia Zentilli
Jeigh Madjus
Brent Carver
Kat McEwen
Jayne Lewis
Kritty Uranowski
Marc Lottering
Chris Green
Chris Tsujiuchi
Michael Hughes
Doug Price
Grant Ramsay
Melissa Doidge
Gillian Blackman
Karen Blackman
Susan Gilmour
Thom Allison
Shawn Hitchens
Gabi Epstein
Steve Sher
Damien Atkins
Andrew Kushnir
Kate Barris
Rick Miller
Blythe Wilson
Chris Elias
Carly Street
Elenna Mosoff
Gillian Tooke
Theresa Tova
David Rogers
Ari Weinberg
Tim Boyle
Tim Hughes
Andy Parks

and many, many more...who I see in my minds eye!! 
Life is grand!!
(tomorrow I start something almost new...wish me luck...and see you on the 25th!!!)     

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