Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Brrrrr.....you gotta be frickin' kiddin' me.....my dog won't even go outside.....and he has booties and pajamas on....don't ask why.
Yah, I need to live somewhere hot, people.
It is something that I fantasize about every year.....movin' somewhere hot...I wonder if Georgie and I will end up as early bird dinner eaters in Clearwater?
I kinda hope that we end up as late night hummus eaters in Greece.....maybe I just hope that we live to be a ripe old age and let the universe take care of the rest!
Sooooooo.....excited about the show!!!
We are doing some great new songs.....and a special song for our friend and event manager and other things that I can't
name-er .....
Only 6 days.....woo hoo.
I have nothing to say because other than going to the gym, walking the dog, doing a voice over audition or working on the show....I am doing nothin' really.
Then I sit and ponder whether this is worth publishing.....
I go down and get a snack and think some more.....
what the hell.....
what else ya gonna do on a freezing cold day?
Wait....though I am boycotting American Idol.....I kinda wanna watch it........

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TitiTrey said...

COLD is an understatement for this shyt is. I am freezing my you know what off. I haven't been feeling all that well myself hence the absent comments. So glad to hear about the house selling, the new loft, sad to hear about the food poisoning? That was a long sentence. Anyways less than a week now for the your PARTY!!!! I can't wait...talk to you soon. Stay warm Kevin