Tuesday, February 13, 2007

You are so not the one....

Show last night???!!!!
SOOOOOO much fun...I had a fun night....it is always nice when I can enjoy myself...I usually find myself a little preoccupied.
But what a great crowd for such a cold night...we had about 120 peeps.......some of my fave bloggers were out in force!!!!
I am always so happy to see you arrive.........
I just don't know what to say....a great night for me and my electrician, who was sittin in the front row, and told me today that he saw up my skirt numerous times....to which I said...was it good for you.....lucky boy!
Loved my outfits....first a cloud and then Lulu of "To Sir With Love" fame.
An above the knee skirt??? Yupp!!!!
It was nice to change it up a bit and cutting a guest made it easier to focus on the other two...Kyle and Karen were dreamy.
Kyle sang like a bird, looked cute as a button and told stories like Schharazade....which I know is spelled wrong ...but you know how I feel about spelling....it is for pussies......so glad that we had him on the show.
And Karen, my dear friend.....I always love watching peoples faces when they hear her sing for the first time....she made me laugh as we sat together and chatted about our pasts....we are older now and all......she is really one of the most talented people I know.
And Patrick.....or as I like to think of him, Pat.....can you imagine....????? If I called him that???
Anyhow....he is just funny and he is my rock.....and my thorn....you know what I mean....he loves to dig me....he is my rocky thorn......with good hair and a snappy sweater. What would I do without him.......I woul have to sing with CD's and never have anyone to talk to.
Well, that would suck.
But here it really is folks....the reason I came to the blog....
I was just watching all of the shows I had taped over the last few days.......
Grease, You're The One That I Want?
Halfway thru....I lost the will to live and..... maybe breathe.
Oh my god....it was like a porno version of Tiny Talent Time. ( Just because if kids were dressed like that it would be slutty)
I couldn't even get it up to look at Webber....he had a weird face on him, boy. When they cut to him George said he always looks like a baby who is about to burp.
Then ...I laughed.....then he got mad that I told the corn story last night....not too mad.
It was turrible.
That is Thom's word.
It fits....I just don't care......
When "Talented" Sandy......that is what I like to call her now......Juliana...said that " I am very...talented" It was that end of the sentence that I didn't expect that made me spit my grape Crush.....after the show I like grape Crush.....across the room.
Oh my...they are thinkin' alot of themselves...granted the producers are asking them leading questions I am sure.....but ...my god...and then she said 4 times how much she didn't "love" her song...the one called "Don' Cry For Me Argentina" written by Andrew-Freakin'-Lloyd-Holy- Webber.....who is sitting right there....ass.
I am done with it...I shun it.......sad but true...I have other important things to watch and do, even.
Again, thanks to those who came out!!!
Tell everyone to come next time!!!
So, I have new stuff on the webpage....some Fun Facts....some new mp3's from October.....and a listing of the upcoming shows.....
In the next few weeks look for "Sharron's Chat With Pat"
a little mp3 talk show with the Deev and I.....isn't that fun???
And the Fashion Crimes web Fashion Show!!!


Junior the Barista said...

Thanks again for a great night! A part of me feels like I can die happy now. And, yes, a bottle of wine WAS the perfect gift. Billy and I debated whether or not I should let it age and keep it as memorabilia of my night at Sharron's Party or if we should down it and make it in to a flower pot, as memorabilia of my night at Sharron's Party. Tough choices.

karen said...

Thanks for another wonderful show last night, Sharron! You and Patrick are fabulous! :) The Party is such a happy place to be, truly...I always leave smiling and already looking forward to the next one.

And, oh, the Grease show...the weirdest thing for me this week was the creepy group Phantom of the Opera singalong. But The Amazing Race starts this Sunday...and that is something to be truly excited about! :)

Gillian said...

Sharron - the party was SO much fun, as always. I just can't even put into words how awesome you are. And Patrick too - I am soo looking forward to this interview!

Kyle was fantastic - I am so happy that you had him as a guest. He sings so pretty. :) And Karen was ah-mazing.

Karen and I were talking about how we're not sure if anyone looks forward to these parties as much we do. It's freakish. ;) But seriously, it's one of the happiest places that a person could be. :D

TitiTrey said...

There are no words for what the party was. You never cease to amaze me. The outfits, songs, corn story...sorry george. I mean i go into these things not really knowing what will happen and then I walk away talking about it for weeks. That was a long sentence. Anyways Sharron thank you so much for such a great night. And I can't wait until march. Keep up the wonderful work its greatly appreciated

Sharron Matthews said...

You guys....you are so sweet.....thanks for your words!
I am cold....and tired from walkin in the snow.
But happier from your words....and Kyle....I say drink the #$@%^&*%^!!!!!

Anonymous said...

so much goodness...have to say...great outfits too! (i need to go visit fashion crimes...i commit too many as it is...) i nearly broke a rib laughing during the anti-love songs...and of course, Dirty Dancing...i think the scariest thing was how much some people DID remember "when"...so much better than spending a cold night at home with my cats...great show and so looking forward to March...any green beer?

j. said...

Sharron, darling...cutting the extra guest was good for two reasons. 1) More time for you and the two guests and 2)More importantly more of YOU!! I laughed so much through your poo-poo and fart joke filled intro that I almost had no energy for the second half. I said ALMOST!

And thank you so much for introducing me to Karen LeBlanc! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her! She is fantastic! I so desperately want to be her MySpace friend!

Thank you for a lovely evening. Looking forward to the next.