Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Got an Apple....

You guys know what I did this morning?
I got up at 7:00pm....ya I got into my fricken salt covered truck and drove to...Oakville.
Why you ponder?
I went and talked to some of the performers of Sheridan College...I talked in a class called "Business Practice" and it sounded a bit like a class for hooking....I don't know why!
They are teaching them about business at Sheridan...I wish that they had taught us that....I might have saved some of the cash that I made in the chorus working at the Limelight Dinner Theatre....remember that place?
Anyhow, I told them about myself....I guess I didn't know that I could talk for 45 minutes straight without a breath.....I think George knew.....and maybe Patrick.
It was fun.....they all look very young and I remember looking that eager.
We were a cutthroat bunch out there.
I was just returning emails and George is watching....what? ...Dirty Dancing .....and I could hear it out of the corner of my conciousness and ran all the way downstairs and almost fell down the stairs to do a whole blow by blow commentary of when Baby and Johnny do the dance that then turns into the horizontal hula....
Then I spoke along with the sister Lisa when she tells Daddy that she will sing......." I Feel Pretty...or What the Simple Folk Do....or I Feel Pretty"
Then....I was kicked out of the living room to the office again.

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Kevin said...

Love that you & george are such fans of dirty dancing, this is going to be hit in my books anyways. I can't wait for you do a blow by blow commentary for me i can just hear you now. All those kids must have been in awe having "The Sharron Matthews" @ their