Saturday, February 03, 2007

When it gets busy

So, in the last two weeks I have got my house ready to sell, sold my house, got horrible food poisoning from certain sushi joint on the Danforth.....I won't say the name but it rhymes with "Mushi Belight".....bought a loft downtown.....stared to get my show ready.....oh guys.....the busy-ness....but most important......we somehow knocked " Beauty and the Geek" off of the PVR!!!!
So, George manically looked around for another showing is on again tonight...Thank GOD!!! has been alot!
But I am just moving forward.
It is funny how all of a sudden life just gets busy as hell!
But glad for it!


karen said...

Congratulations on the new place; that sounds fantastic!

Sorry about the food poisoning though...that's one thing I've never experienced, and hope never to experience. :(

Only a week until the party, woo!

Gillian said...

Ooh, a loft! That is so amazing. :)

I am SO excited for the party, Sharron! You have no idea. :D