Sunday, February 18, 2007

Why....why is it sooo @#$%-ing cold

I know it is Canada...I know that it is cold don't be all smarty pants and remind me.....but after watching Al Gore's "An Inconvienient Truth" ( which is probably totally spelled wrong but me no care) I thought that it wouldn't be that cold anymore.
The "Sharron's Party" gang ...well some of us.....basically Patrick, I and our loving partners George and James, all got into the Explorer....yes, I is a environmental nightmare.....and went up to you know where that is?
My friend Michael , with his partner David, bought a beautiful is a mansion and they run a boutique hotel in lovely Perth which is a short 3.5 hours away on the 402, to highway 36, then highway 7......they your are in a postcard called the "Perth Manor"
Anyhow, Michael and David bought the show....yup!
I was wondering how the people of Perth would enjoy the "Party".
Patrick and I cleaned up our potty mouths a bit...sometimes in the show I would chat with Patrick and before he would respond I could see the "smut editor" running itself through his head.....he did try to use "Auntie Mame" as a punchline to a joke....the crickets croaked and I was interesting to see us navigate new territory. It is a challenge taking over the world one Party at a time.....but we are ready and willing, non?
We did a weird mix of our stuff.......the Dirty Dancing Songologue was right beside "Can't Help Lovin' That Man" guys would have liked that, I think.
I really wanted to do our latest, Add It Up/Blister in the Sun.....but Deev vetoed it......he is so bossy, sometimes.
The peeps really seemed to enjoy is funny to me as I go out to greet all the peeps before I start that they, no matter where I am, feel the need to say little dirty things to me....jokes an what it me, people?
Is it the way I dress?
Does the curly hair invite dirty words?
I do love it though!
The night was a big success, M and D took awesome care of us!
Funny sidebar, on the way home we were chatting in the Explorer about the next show...going over some song ideas...when we stopped in the Esso for some gas went in to get a CDC ( Caffeine-Free Diet Coke) and I was singing Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and caught the eye of......well ...for lack of a better word.... red neck younger dude....he struck a conversation.....then when we got to the car he followed to the car beside me and he sang the first verse of James Blunt's "You're Beautiful".....well, let me just say....that shit NEVER happens to me.....then I blushed and got into the car and couldn't wait to tell the guys how magnetic I am......and then George was convinced that since they drove behind us for about 60 km that they were gonna drive us off the road and kill the 3 of them and take me as their sex slave.
Weird jump, don't you think? buzz was ruined.


karen said...

That sidebar story just made me laugh out should probably reenact that whole scene at the next Party. ;)

And yes, it's way too cold. Apparently it's supposed to get warmer this week? I'm crossing my fingers. I'm done with winter!

P.S. Did you guys watch The Amazing Race tonight?!

Sharron Matthews said...

Hey Karen,
Have not had a chance to watch was on PVR...we were watching "The Illusionist".....
good...but I could see the ending a mile way....aren't I smart?
We are gonna watch it tonight....
I read the review for Elegies in the star today..I can't wait to see it!

TitiTrey said...

See you thought I was your only stalker...that man followed you cause he was a groupie. I love that George thought that was the way it was all going to end...he's too cute.

The review for elegies was great. And so was the show. Like Thom said bring kleenex your going to end it especially during the second half...have a good one and try to keep warm