Wednesday, April 04, 2007

OH man!!!

I effin' love those whorish Pussy Cat Dolls...oh man you guys I cannot get enough!!! It is scary..... bypassed every other show on the PVR... there is alot....I am very busy my I have alot to watch...but I was eatin' my chicken breast....cause I am trying to remain in my bodies good graces with George gone I am cookin for myself...scary.....and watchin' those chicks sing Toni Braxtons' "Unbreak My Heart"...while undulating ...ON A POLE !!!
Does it get any better!!!!
Does it??
I am going right now to pick between ANTM and Lost and Friday Night Lights!!!


Junior the Barista said...

I'm sorry but nothing beats the end when Mariela gets kicked off and friggin' Robin Antin starts to cry saying "I'm sad...because you're beautiful". I was watching the show with my family and they all looked at me at that point like I had eleven heads for wanting to watch the show... Amazing.

karen said...

There's something very entertaining about that show...I don't even like the Pussycat Dolls, but I'll still watch it. Even when Gill shames me for it. :)