Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Packin......and Practicing!

Oh.....I am sitting in a house full of boxes....oh.....it makes me feel a bit Sanford and Son.
Thom came over and we packed....thanks to the sweet gods for him....he did the kitchen.....He is good at it!
We laughed and planned to take over the world, like always...
I am fricken done with this ass weather....I want fricken spring and I want it now!!!
Other than that....just waiting for the Pussy Cat Dolls show tonight...I took Amazing Race off the PVR and ER....who knew.....I have watched ER since the beginning of time!
It tried to be Greys Anatomy and failed somethin' awful!
And rehearsin the show for Monday!!!
Very excited!
Doing some great new stuff.....


Kevin said...

Sorry you couldn't make it out tonight.
The party wasn't the same without alittle taste of Sharron.
Hope you got the moving thing under control now.
Let me know when you need an extra set of strong hands...i'll find someone for you lol

karen said...

Good luck with the packing and moving! And I do believe the world would be a better place if you and Thom took over... ;)

The weather aboslutely needs to get better ASAP. NO MORE WINTER. It's just depressing!

I'm still attached to The Amazing Race...but if Danny and Oswald go, I will not be happy.

Less than a week until the next party = happiness.

Junior the Barista said...

If you need any moving advice...don't ask me. I've moved three times in the past year and every time something has broken beyond repair or things have been unexplainably lost. But I offer moral support from beyond.

And I am hauling ass from Barrie to see the show on Monday - huzzah!

Oooh...and I have a good Sharron's Bitch T-shirt pic to rival the others...I need to load it on facebook...