Sunday, April 01, 2007

What a bad blogger... I am at the Rocky midnight hair just would not work....I swear to the sweet baby Jeepers that I tried and tried and then I had to pull it the fuck up and go.....what a two hours....people were hard core there...I didn't even see the show.....I ws so tired at the end of the two hours that I put on my full length fun fur coat ( Surabaya!) and limped off home in my red high heels and fishnets....I looked like the last prostitute on her way home..

...I have been a bad has been busy....I hope that they three of you are still reading!!!!

Did you guys see on my Facebook that Paul Bulter has issued a challenge??? He is seen in a picture wearing his Sharron's Bitch T-shirt at one of my fave places....Marie's Crisis Cafe in New York City......where can you be seen in yours? I think it is a fab idea.... I am gonna bring it up at the show!! Which is two weeks away....I am already planning!!

Alright.....I am doing a benefit called "Battle Of the Belt " on the looks can find out about it on Facebook!

Facebook......fancy and easy to use.....

America's Next Top Model.....AWESOME!!!! That Renee??? CRAZY!!!! And Jael.......crazier.....and Jasmine.....talks like she is I wrong?

Stopped watching American Idol when the young kid wore a mohawk and Lakisha stole my fricken' closin song.....I told you I didn't trust her


karen said...

As if we'd stop reading!

That challenge is intriguing - maybe we could take a picture with the Sharron's Bitch shirt in every city we visit in make up for missing a party. ;)

We're going to Battle of the Belt! Can't wait...sounds like lots of fun. And, oh, facebook. What a fantastic invention. The perfect thing for procrastinators like myself...

I actually finally watched the American Idol for the first time in months on Tuesday. I was listening to her sing that song and I was all, "where do I know that song from?!" Then I realized, "SHARRON! And Sharron sings it better." :)

Junior the Barista said...

Hmm...Sharron's Bitch challenge, eh?


Fun outfit, PS. I couldn't see where you were amid all the crazies that night. It was whacked. The performance was crazy - those people are hardcore. I was somewhat reserved...and tired. Good show though. :D

Kevin said...

welcome back darling,
you were missed.
Can't wait for the Sharron's bitch challenge.
Battle of the Belt? I will have to look into that, sounds interesting.

Ok doll keep me posted about the move and well speak soon