Friday, April 18, 2008

Missin Otto, Fire alarms, pizza and Jack Daniels...

If that ain't a title to maybe peak your interest I don't know what is.
How effing gorgeous was the weather yesterday?
I rode my bike to the beaches and told Otto that he could run along side me cause now he didn't need the leash.
I could just picture him flying through the air beside me like he used to ..... before he had the two knee replacements.
I had my ipod on and had specifically put on all 'up' songs.... but I must have hit a sad title by accident....and it was a tune from Spring Awakening that is about someone passing and I actually had to pull my bike over and I put my hands on my knees and had a snotty, hard cry.
A nice man stopped to see if I was okay .
There are alot of dogs in the beaches.
And I was mentally trying to will them all to come and see me.
A little fat white terrier made a bee line for me, finally and I petted him.
I miss petting Otto.
I miss looking into his eyes and smelling his old man smell.
I miss watching his ears bounce as he walks down the street in front of me.
So, after two weeks of rehearsal and stuff we opened Happy last night.
I always find opening nights quite surreal.
I always get sick to my stomach ..... I always think that I am too tired to do the show.
And I am always surprised by all these feelings.
Alot of people who I hold very dear were there last night.
Vicki, Blythe, Avery ( yes you Ave... I know you are reading) Kevin, Ed, Edna, Alan, Shawn, Cathy amd Emilie.....
When I came out for the first scene... could see a Sharron's Bitch t-shirt in the audience....distracting but totally happy making.
It was a great house and I only eyeballed one of the that was good.
But it was a great night!!!
I always think that if no one gets severely hurt and most of the lines get said the opening went well.
I have really enjoyed this experience ... the cast is excellent...Sky is wonderful ....all of the crew are just has been a blessed experience.
Blythe got me my first drink and I didn't look back.
Patricia, who has worked at Buddies for years and years, kept giving me shots of Jack Daniels....let us keep in mind that usually I can handle a spritzer..... oh my lord... I was quite inebriated... I closed that place down and laughed... well.. I laughed.
It was nice to laugh after the week I had... I still felt some guilty but I think Otto was there and he understood.....I wonder if he finally came and saw what I did for a living.
I wonder if he sat in the front row and thought....this is what she has been doing when she is not at home?
So, Chris the lovely front of house man got me into a cab...
And I came in the house.....and George called and told me to take a motrin and drink alot of water and have something to eat.
So, at 2:30am I made a pizza.... well I guess there was some shit in the oven that was burning off... I was on the computer.... and the effing fire alarm goes off.
I am standing on a chair and fanning it... it turns off... but then ten minutes later it goes off.... IN THE WHOLE BUILDING!!!!
I go outside and all of the tenants are outside with there dogs and cats in carriers....and I see the firetrucks coming and I am terrified that they are coming to me.... all I wanted was a pizza.
Luckily they didn't come to me... but I am sure that was my was too much of a coincidence.
Oh what a night!
Like back when I was just young.


KYLiE said...

That is a GREAT story.

Happy opening!

Kevin said...

Happy opening night
gotta love your stories...
they always make me laugh
he's watching over and laughing too

Sharron Matthews said...

Hey Ya