Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My tummy, Shaw and Otto

Ohhhh Lord!
Since Otto passed it seems that I have an eating and drinking obsession.
I hesitate to use the word 'problem' because ...... well I don't want to.
I seem to be filling the hole in my heart with chardonnay and ketchup chips.
Ya know what?
Who the eff cares.... I am allowed to have that .... but I will drink Slim Fast for two weeks to get into my summer clothes... healthy, schmelthy.
So.... I still miss the little sweet pup that is Otto with a sadness that catches me by surprise and takes my breath away... but I find the days a bit easier and his life story a bit clearer.
It is easy to think that he was the same as ever until you really examine his life.
I had just convinced myself that he was going to be fine... oh the guilt I felt when it was all done was staggering.
But... you guys.... I saw him last night.... you can call me crazy... and eff you if you do... but I was reading and I saw a shadow pass by the door... Just about Otto height.... George thinks he was on his was to drink out of the toilet...Did you know that even though he always had a bowl full of water he loved to drink out of the toilet... but would not drink out of it if we came into the room... I guess he thought he was keeping it some sort of secret.... what a strange little guy.
George and I have gotten a house up at  Shaw this week and are going to spend the next 5 months up here.
We needed a change.
We are gonna rent out our awesome pad to some rich film person!!!
I hope they give a a billion dollars....
I do love it up here in Niagara.
It is peaceful.
George and I have had a fuck of a year.... we need a bit of peace.
I close Happy this week and then do the Party first... I have to say that I haven't been this excited about the Party in a while... I am jazzed!
So much to say... gotta go pick up my sweet from work with the fancy people!


Kevin said...

Good for you
This little retreat for the next few months will be so theraputic for you both(that's probably the incorrect spelling but in true Sharron fashion who the fuck know what I meant by it)lol

Anyways looking forward to seeing you both, hugs and kisses

Sharron Matthews said...

Where the fuck are you?

Kevin said...

It's been a crazy last few months
I will give you a shout soon and we can catch up
hope things are good for you and mister man hugs and kisses

Jennifer Fagan said...

You are without a doubt one of the funniest people. You write beautifully and are one funny comedian. I am thinking next for you should be Sharon's Talk Show. Just a thought. You need a sponsor. FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY