Friday, April 04, 2008


Oh lord, I am so happy that it is spring!!!!
I just cannot take another effing snow storm.....
This is for Avery who said 
"Why the heck have you not written on your blog?"
I want to put 'fuck' back in that line instead of eff but Avery would not talk that way.
He is not potty mouthed!
Speaking of Avery I went to see the opening night of his first show for the Harold Green Jewish Theatre!
Rose starring Lally Cadeau....
George could not go because he was sicky.... so there I was..... off to a straight play alone..... will wonders ever cease..... I was in the front row!
It was SSSOOOOOO Good!
Lally was spectaular..... she took us all to school that night!
Congrat Lally and HG Jewish Theatre!
So much has happened since my last Blog!
The Doras called....yes the actual award picked up the phone and gave me a ringy-dingy.....ah Lilly Tomlin where are you?.....
anyhow... they asked me to host!
Sharron's Party at the fricken' Doras!!
I am so excited!
I only started to minorly crap my pants yesterday!
What will all the fancy actors say?
I forgot!
Who cares!!!!
What if my humour is a little musical and low class!
Excited again!
Oh and guess who is my guest on the Doras?
George and I went to Mexico for a week.... we could not afford it but..... the day before we decided that we couldn't not afford it!!
That sounds wrong!
You know what I mean!!!!
We went to the only place where it was not raining... Puerto Vallarta!
We have been there 2 times already and kinda wanted to go somewhere new but when we got there we were sooo happy that was where we went!
Our resort was in Romantic Town....Old favorite part...... GAY TOWN!
George got picked up by a man whore and I got my boob felt up by a mariachi player!
There is so much to tell you about that time..... we met a young man named Ken from Etobicoke who was on his own and he hung with us.... what a nice young man..... I wanted to help him find girls....and did!
Oh.... so much to tell you......we also hung out with an amazing couple name Lorraine and Doug!
She is a firey blond who knows how to party and tells a  good story and he is a suave man who plays the mandolin, who also knows when the time has come to pitch her favorite CD off the 8th floor balcony into the many stories!!!!
But to hear those stories you have to come to my celebration of the Doras and all things spring at the Diesel!
Sunday April 27th BABY!
Diesel Playhouse
With the crazy and handsome Reza Jacobs on Piano....
Up and Comer Sara Farb of Edges fame....
And Headlining Guest???
Patricia Zentilli....
She was Audrey in Little Shop at Canstage
In the Jane Show and this season she was on Rick Mercer!!!1
Woo Hoo.....
I will tell all the stories!!!
Come on Down!
 I gotta go learn my lines for Happy.....oh did I mention Happy?
The show I am doing at Buddies that is written and directed by Sky Gilbert?
It is gooooooooood people!!!!
What fun I am having in rehearsals!!!
Gotta learn those lines!
Oh.... and are you exhausted yet?>>>>>>>>>>
I got new stuff on you tube!!!!
Check it out baby!
Peace out!


KYLiE said...

So excited to see HAPPY and SHARRON'S PARTY! We may come to both on the same day, if that's even possible. When are the Doras? Congrats!

vandy said...

Goodness, Girl! I was starting to think you broke the blog! Glad that's not the case. And Woo Hoo! about the Doras!


Sharron Matthews said...

Hey Kyle and HEY VANDY~~~~ was busy but I am back.....I am closing Happy and doing the Party on the same day!
WOO Hoo!
Cannot wait~

Kevin said...

OMG Sharron's party at the Dora's
Why the hell did it take so long for them to come knocking on your door.

So happy for you, 2008 is the year of SHARRON