Monday, April 14, 2008

Otto Matthews-Masswohl, October 11th, 1993 - April 14th, 2008

Clinton's Ottobre Sinfonia

What a day.
George and I sit in front of this computer as sad as we have ever been.
We just cannot believe it.
We just keep expecting him to run into the bedroom although he has not run, as he does in my dreams, in a very long time.
He was just about to make his 15th summer.
Who knew a dog with two back knee replacements would make such a long and successful go of it?
How do you decide that it is time to let them go.
Logically, it makes sense.
But your heart?
Oh my lord.
I have always wanted a dog.
George always wanted a dog.
And then when George and I got together about  9 months into our courtship....yes it was.....we decided to get a dog.
When anyone tells me that they are gonna get a dog and they are less than two years together I say 'tsk' inside my head.
Thank god it all worked out.
It was meant to be.
Otto was the greatest.
He was sweet and innocent and he never hurt a soul.
He LOVED everybody.
He really did.
He loved people more than anything.
He came to us swaddled in a green and white striped towel from a place on Alexander Street.
Just across from where I spend my days rehearsing right now.
We actually brought him to the park beside Buddies this week as a bit of a lark....he was very sick that day.
Everything seemed so hopeful and young and innocent then.
We were young and new.... all three of us.... full of hope.... and he was full of poop.
He went with us everywhere.... he was so permanent a fixture in our old white Honda Accord that he busted the fabric on the middle of the seat.
He used to rest his head on the armrest during car rides.
He lived in PEI, Vancouver.....he actually saved me from being attacked in the crappy neighbourhood we were living in.... we gave him a steak.....he also lived in California, Calgary and went on countless Les Mis and Showboat tour destinations.
He was sweet we love him.
We miss him.
We were so lucky that he came to spend his life with us.
We had the great honour of looking into his sweet, sweet, slightly milky, brown eyes as he went to his final puppy rest.
WE Love You Otto.
We will miss you forever and there will never be another like you.
I hope you watch over us from beyond as you did in life.
We are devastated at your passing.
We are jubilant that we were kept company by you for such a great length of time.
We shall never be that innocent again.
I have already seen you quickly out of the corner of my eye.
Love Mommy and Daddy


vandy said...

Sharr, I'm so sorry to hear. As someone also owned by animal-family, I know what you feel. Otto was a really fine old gent.
Take care.

KYLiE said...

Sharron, sorry to hear about little Otto. Actually had heard about it today in rehearsal before reading the blog - we send our love from Stratford!

Thom Allison said...

I raise a glass to dear Otto, who liked to pee in my presence. I considered it high praise. May he rest in well-deserved peace.

Kevin said...

Im so sorry to hear about OTTO!
He was the cutest thing ever.
So glad I got a chance to meet him
Hope you're both doing ok
Thinking of you now more than ever...
hugs and kisses