Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Curtains Down, Vampires, Milkshakes and Derrick Chua.

So, I was in the bathtub last night after a long day of DOMINATING!!! and I got a text, yes, I put my blackberry near the tub, and it was from the young Sara Farb....it said "Come to Curtain's Down". I love me some Jennifer Burke...this gal has worked it...she must have been hosting her creation "Curtain's Down" for two years now...this month!!! I think I am right..Jenni? Anyhow, I have been going for the last three weeks to sing and hand out my cards for the big Fund Raiser this weekend (April 16th and 17th Call 416 975 8555 for tickets or go online to www.totix.ca...they are really going fast and I am not just saying that) like a media whore...I don't give an eff, a gal has got to sell herself...but last night I was super tired...and naked in the bath at 10:00pm...but George yelled over from the couch, whilst he was playing his beloved "GOD OF WAR' on his PBox490...I have no fricken idea what it is called...he yelled over "Didn't you promise Jenni you would come tonight...I put aside my vampire romance novel...yes, suck it people...it is the one of the only thing that relaxes me during the World Dom...HEY, SUCK IT...vampire...whatever...
.I put aside my Vampire novel and get out of the bath and there George and I are 30 minutes later.....getting out of a cab outside of Curtain's Down.
It is now at the swanky Pantages Bar in the Pantages Hotel...and if you haven't gone...you HAVE to go!! What a great night Jenni arranges and performs...and there is a young hip crowd there...and celebrities galore...a gal from the new 90210 was there last night...I didn't really care because I still remember Brenda and Dillon...I don't go for the TV remakes... THEY NEVER WORK...and Mindy Cohn, Natalie from the Facts of Life was there...Canadian celebs Charlotte Moore, George Masswohl (heehee, it is true!) Nora Sheehan and David Rosser, the cast of the Jersey Boys fresh from singing O Canada at the opening Blue Jay's game showed up, Mark Cassius and an amazing singer named Farah from Vegas sang....amazing young performers Sara Farb, Michael Hughes, kelly Holiff and Gabi Epstein sang...what a night!!! It was fabulous!
It was fresh, hip and camp all at the same time!
I sang the Bohemian Rhapsody to promote my show...Mindy Cohn told me a bit about the Edinburgh Festival, where she has produced 2 shows...then Derrick poked me to hand out more cards...slave driver...and then, like 22 year olds George, who was so handsome in his white jacket and I joined the kids at Fran's for milkshakes and french fries...just like after the opening night of your high school musical...except all of the people at this table were busy texting each other...we were right beside EACH OTHER!
But one of my happiest moments was when Derrick Chua's drink came...everyone ordered milkshakes and Derrick ordered the confection you see above...it made me love him a bit more.
This World Domination gal needed that...back to the grind!
Getting together the SUPERIOR silent auction, picking up TSHIRTS...doing interviews, rehearsing!
Oh, what a whirlwind!!!

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