Saturday, April 10, 2010

World Domination is a 24 hour a day business.

It is Saturday Afternoon.
I am in bed with the dogs.
No, not the reason you think...I am not we bring the dogs up on the bed they are so filled with rapture that they will sleep another 4 hours before asking to go outside.
So, it is a tad selfish.
And I am sick of myself today.
Don't get me wrong...I think I am a decent human...I enjoy my hair...there are other things that I can list as traits that I like...for which an I thankful...but I swing into the final push before my big "Sharron Matthews Superstar:World Domination Tour 2010 Fund Raiser Kick Off" officially the longest title in the history of all cabaret (I still LOVES IT!) I am a bit sick of myself.
I am going to share something with all of my faithful readers that you might already know if you are faithful enough to follow along....World Domination is a time COMSUMING PROJECT!!!
Sorry to yell at you there...I just got carried away.
Here is yesterday...and believe me...I am as sick to hear about it as you might be. But if gets kinda funny so hold on.
I ran around getting hard tickets for the fund raiser for one of my faithful supporters who is selling them from her crack....and she is selling the SHIT OUTTA them. Thank you, Trixie.
While I was at Buddies getting does one get tickets there, you might ask....sigh...(416 975 8555 Box office open at noon till 5:00pm) I took a donation from the lovely John McKellar to Buddies to be processed...yes, even before this fund raiser I have ....raised funds!!!
Then I put in my hair piece, yup I said it...and John "Honey" Hughes picked me up and, though we were gonna leave at 4:00pm...George told us to leave earlier....just in case...we left TO at 3:00pm arriving in Stouffville at ....3:30pm...for my 8:00pm show.
We were a bit early.
What to do...we went to Swiss Chalet...for 3 hours...
I did a second show of my "Sharron's Big Broadway Show" in the FABULOUS Lebovic Centre in Stouffville...what a gorgeous space people...and Kathy and Becky came up from Toronto after seeing the pic of John and I at the Swiss Chalet (suck it people, social networks work!!)it was so lovely to see them in the front row. It was a wonderful show! I loved the audience and we all had a great time...and I am a media whore so I came out after and handed out postcards for my fund raiser...see, sick of myself!!!
We got into the car came back to TO in record time and I went to see the beautiful and talented Pattyzee off...she is moving to Edmonton...sigh...and promised one friend, who shall remain nameless, that they would get their awesome set up date in the next two weeks.
ON IT!!!
Then ...yes, it is 11:30pm...I went to Buddies to hear the dear Keith Cole talk about his campaign for Mayor (LOVES IT)!!! He also had an amazing drag queen from Montreal on the show who did Edith Piaf...Sky Gilbert and I agreed that we have never seen the like was something.
Keith called me up onstage and while in my coat and holding my huge purse I sang that song that those fucking Glee bastards stole from me...yes, I know Journey sang it first but WHAT EVER!! And I gave out cards for my fund raiser...sigh...and then I found myself dancing the night away with David Tomlinson, Ryan Kelly and David Lopez.
I guess I, all of a sudden, thought I was 21 years old for fuck sakes.
But I am not 21.
I need take over the World and all!
Then I walked to my car and drove home.
I love World Domination...but this shit is 24/7 people!!!
So, today I lay with my dogs and made an event of FB...talked about myself some more...sigh...sick...and then I get to the good part.
I am rehearsing the show today...and Steve Thomas, Wayne Gwillim and myself have worked on some AWESOME arrangements...this shit is off the the young people say.
I love the singing part...the other is not bad...but is one of those days...just gotta be honest...
I have not done a new show since last June...and I realize I have A LOT TO SAY!!!
So, help me get over myself and come on out to this fund raiser people!!!

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