Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sharron's ONLY Toronto Superstar dates...and HOW much did you raise???

So, here we are people! Week 18 of World Domination and things are shaping up!!! Derrick and I are about NY promo and flights, and accommodations and listening to Scottish people over skype and NOT QUITE being able to understand them. RIGHT!!! But here is the awesome and amazing news...all of you who came out to the fund raiser...who bought a ticket, who purchased a raffle ticket, who bought a package, a tshirt or a song....THANK YOU...you helped us raise....are you ready? $10,000.00. I am serious as a heart attack. I just about passed out. I thank you....I thank you. So, I am just over $16,000.00 in funds...my goal WAS $30,000.00....but now I am all dreamy and motivated...I want to add a couple of London (England..not Ontario...though it is lovely) dates on after Edinburgh...we are over there anyhow, right? So, now my goal is $40,000.00. Yup, you heard it...I am all MAGICALLY THINKING!!! Why not! SO....here is the thing...I have been trying to give you a "SHARRON MATTHEWS OFFICIAL PROMOTIONAL BREAK" but I gotta tell you a little secret... it isn't a well kept secret but now I have to announce it here... Next weekend, On Saturday May 8th and Sunday May 9th I will be previewing my "World Domination Tour" show at Buddies. These are the ONLY TORONTO DATES! I want to do my show for the people who have been SO SUPPORTIVE in my journey thus far (that sounds lordy...you know what I mean!) It will be a one act, 60 minute show...at the fabu price of $20.00 with $15.00 arts and student tickets. You can get your Sharron's Army Tshirt for $20.00. And there will be a raffle....YES!!! More awesome prizes!!! Tshirts, CD's, Theatre Subscriptions....LAST SONGS!!! So, call 416 975 8555 (Tuesday to Saturday between noon and 5:00pm) or go to www.totix.ca for tickets. I would love to celebrate this tour with you!!! Maybe you can tell me what songs you want to hear....it is the best of the best.... Hey ALL of my NY friends... it is never too early to get your tickets for NY...my New York cabaret debut at Joe's Pub on June 5th and 6th.....here is a link to my Joe's Pub Page!!! http://www.joespub.com/component/option,com_shows/task,view/Itemid,40/id,5106 I have attached a pdf of the official tour postcard to pass around!!! I am going to NY for the entire first week of June to promote myself....it is getting very EXCITING!!! Thank you for reading and for supporting!!! I hope to see you in Toronto next weekend...or NY in June....maybe Scotland in August....oh the DOMINATION !!!! Love

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