Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh my sweet lord...I am tired...but proud and humbled...and a bunch of other stuff....

I would like to start this note, blog...wherever the fuck this ends up...with a quote put up by Nora and David on their status. Favourite quote of the week so far..."When Canadians are awarded things, they look behind them to see if it was meant for somebody else." Margaret Atwood on receiving her Order of Canada D. Loves true... I felt like was looking over my shoulder ALL WEEKEND! With a mix of liquid bowels....come on, let us be truthful people...allergies, nervous " I can't string two words together" brain, Attention Deficit Disorder (I could NOT concentrate on ONE thing for longer than...what part of the Silent Auction is that a part of?....SEE!) and just plain terror that I could not pull this off.
Though I do enjoy a good challenge....this was just ridiculous. But not impossible...nothing is impossible.
There was a lot to focus on...but I had the great fortune and luck of asking a number of people for their assistance. Just so we get this straight...the Project Manager of this little shin dig...of which I was the Donald Trump (POWER and a hairpiece to prove it!) of...was none other than the long suffering, but much loved, George Masswohl. (His gorgeous hair salt and pepper hair began to turn silver THE MOMENT he said "I do!")
He made sure I was where I was supposed to be, made sure that if you were paying with Visa or MC that you were whisked out of the room with the greatest of ease...and when I ran long, was probably the ONLY person who could tell me that I needed to cut a song without suffering some sort of head injury.
I mean, let's keep being honest.
Also, I would like to say here...and I hope he doesn't hate me for this...that he was wide awake on Friday morning...way before me...and when I opened my eyes he looked at me and said "I am so excited!"
I love him.
Then there were team managers (and don't forget a co-producer) Derrick Chua....Sara Farb....Michael Hughes...Shelley Quinn... And we had the all important runners, hander outers, helpers. "Sharron you look like a crazy person maybe I can do something for you"ers and idea people...Kelly Holiff, Evan Smith, Gabi Epstein, Constance Marlatt, Susan Bourcier and Alex Saslove.
The outpouring of kindness from theatre companies, recording artists, producers, restaurants and independent artists and artisans was not to be believed.
I mean, I am an independent artist who decided to do a silent auction 3 weeks ago based on maybe getting some Soulpepper tickets to raffle off...I got scoffed at, let me tell you...but I had the luck of the above mentioned people...especially George, Sara, Michael and Kelly...and they rocked it...there isn't a final total but we made upwards of $3000.00 alone on the Silent Auction!
And the raffle was Kelly and Michael's idea... and we made just under $800.00 on that!!


We have Sharron's Army TSHIRTS that will be available at EVERY gig until they are gone!!! And they are now priced to move at $20.00!!!
We have not even counted the LAST SONG people!!

April 16th
Peter Phoa, for $200.00, picked "True Colours"....I effed up a couple of lines...not too bad but I offered him $5 back just to keep it square...he said no...thank god. (I need that $5 for coffee in NY!)
When I was told I could do the official Chris Skinner "One More Song", even though I had run over something awful...fuck I can talk...Patricia Wilson, the bar manager, said I could only do it if someone paid me $100.00...and CLINTON WALKER picked up the slack...and we even ALMOST frenched in front of EVERYONE!!!
He asked for "Hotel California!....HOT!!! And I sang "Brandy" for the ever remembered Chris Skinner...that one was on me...of course.
April 17th
I decided to NOT let this one go for less that $500.00...and there was a quiet man named GAry, who was there with his man Kevin, who, incidentally I had given some Tangy Cherry Lube to earlier in the night (long story) who had his hand half in the air...and then Shelley Quinn hit him so it went higher...gotta love Shelley!!...and he asked for Bohemian Rhapsody!!! AWESOME!! Patricia said I could do one more guess it...someone bid $100.00....a lovely lady in the balcony named Natalie Heron said "I'LL DO IT!!!" she got a little Last Dance...perfect...just perfect....
What an outpouring...and the guests were fab...Iain Robert Stewart, Matthew Villmare, Colin Noel-Baldwin, Jordan Till ( who was my percussionist extraordinaire all two nights) Jocelyn Regina, Mike Cox and Joel Gomez....they are my Sheridan Students and I COULD not have been prouder!!

Anyhow...the clothes were awesome of course and the audiences were amazing...and the love and support...well, as I said....I just kept looking over my shoulder!
I am on my way!!
But I still have a ways to go...but I will make it!!!!

I know that I have just promoted the SHIT out of the fund raiser...and I will leave you be for couple days...but I gotta tell you that the only Toronto dates for the actual World Domination Tour are Saturday May 8th and Sunday May is a short show...60-70 minutes with no intermission and it will be the show that I am doing in NY.
I want to try it out in front of my hometown supporters and peeps first! Tickets are $20.00 with a $15.00 Student and Arts Worker Ticket. Call 416 975 8555 between noon and 5:00pm or go to
I hope that you can always, spread the word! Become a part of "Sharron's Army"... I would love to have me take over the world one person at a time.

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