Sunday, April 04, 2010

Spring and Random Thoughts!

Dear Mother Nature,
I know we have had a rocky and tumultuous (I thought that word had an "R" in it, who knew?) relationship but I am in love with you...and I have spoken to my husband and he has agreed that it would be okay if you wanna come and make sex with me...not that I think I am super special in the bedroom...but sex is sex and I am willing to take one, as it were, for the team.
Dear EVERYONE else!!
Can you believe the fucking weather?!?!?!!?
Thank god for the good weather because the World Domination tour is ramping up and I need to sometimes go outside with my monster dogs and walk it out!!!
But I have a few random thoughts...besides the fact that the World Domination Tour 2010 Kick OFF is less than two weeks away!!! Oh!!! I have been working on some cool stuff!!! Go buy your tickets to this exciting show!!! With Guests, surprises and who knows what else!!
Call 416 975 8555 or go online to
Yesterday, I turned to George and said "I am worried about Sandra Bullock." He looked at me strangely and kept doing what he was doing.
At our midnight tour of St. Mike's two nights ago...don't ask...I thought "Thank god we are here early enough that the club girls ( and drag queens) haven't had too many Long Island Ice Teas (yes, that is the last time I have been to a club) and fallen off of their 4 inch wedgie heels and been brought by hot paramedics to emergency."
(Then I fell asleep with my scarf as a pillow, which, when the nurse woke me up, fell into the disease infested garbage...she shook it out and told me to wash it...I put it back in the garbage and washed my hands for an hour)
I love spring.
I love it.
I love it.

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