Monday, May 03, 2010

Eddie and Dame Edna and World Domination

I got to see one of my idols in person this weekend.
Okay...I was sitting in the 8th row at Massey Hall...but I could still see him REAL clear...
I never buy tickets to anything...we can never afford them and George loves a good concert, so we have been left lacking the last couple of years BUT when I heard that Eddie Izzard was coming to town I was on it.
Do you know him?
I saw him for the first time when I was on tour with Les Mis. I was in my hotel room in Washington DC, probably eating a piece of Papa John’s pizza...fuck I loved that stuff...and smoking one of my last cigarettes...who knew I could quit cold turkey?...not me....I didn’t even know I was smoking my last cigarette. That sounds like I was going to be shot by a firing squad.
Anyhow, I was watching HBO....god, I love hotel rooms...I do...and there he all of his transvestite glory. He was wearing a blue silk chinese style dress, wide leg pants and a pair of chunky high heels. Doing some of the funniest comedy I have ever seen.
And everyone in his audience looked quite conservative...and they also looked like they were having the time of their did that happen?
In a culture where the different and the special are not understood... here was someone who was very different and everyone was just....accepting. Because that motherfucker was funny...and smart...and I wanted to be him when I grew up.
Now, here I am over 10 years later FINALLY seeing him live.
He inspired me.
He is my idol.
He accepted himself, clearly, and the fact that he was a transvestite was a simple side bar in his comedy.
I told George before we left on Saturday night to see his show that I was super nervous...he said “Why?”...I said “Because I am so nervous because I am afraid I am so excited that I will pass out and miss the show.”
See, I really like him.
I don’t like anyone like that...except...except...Dame Edna.
The first time I saw her was on a TV program in which she went into people’s homes and went through there dresser drawers in front of a studio audience...funny shit.
But it was her variety show that was my big inspiration...she had on all the stars of the day...and she was glamorous in a tacky kind of way and she made you feel like you knew her...and she was also a dude in a dress...Barry Humphries plays her...but I ALWAYS think of her as Dame Edna.
She is a computer dictionary definition of that word is...a person who tells anecdotes in a skillful and amusing way.
Oh lord.
Doesn’t that sound delicious?
I wanna be that.
I couldn’t (and can’t) wait to see either of these performers again. I feel like I know them. I wanted that. I want that.
So, when I put my shows together they are in the back of my mind.
And FUN!!!
Over the top....and just a bit in charge.
And now here I am...
All of my work has brought me here.
This weekend, yes, Saturday May 8th and Sunday May 9th @ Buddies, is the first stop in my dream tour.
This is the first show of this type that I will do alone in a long while.
I have not beat the shit out of it promo wise...because I thought you all might be exhausted from the Fund Raiser...but this is really the culmination of all of my work....and, oddly, the beginning of the rest of my work.
I am very excited...I have agononized over the set list...that is the thing about this tour...the show will be different in every city....I will do a show specifically for that place.
So, this is special for you a thank you.
A thank you for your support and donations.
I knew that I would not raise these funds from big dollar donations...although I have had a few larger ones... this tour is happening through $5 to $500 donations...this tour is being built brick by brick and when I get the money to go...and I will be a community that sent me...our community...and I cannot thank you enough.
Thanks for reading all my posts and emails....for not de-friending me, but letting me promote.
Thank you for donating your money, your time, your tickets, your art and your ideas.
The letters you have sent me and the kindness you have shown me gets me through everyday.
God....I sound like I am on my death bed and all serious....
If you have been following along on this is Week 19 of World Domination...and it has not been easy....and some days have been unbelievable...some have made me lay down for a “mama” nap!
I need about $14,000 more dollars to reach my original goal. With a recent (and very exciting) corporate promise of $2000.00 that puts the total at $12,000.00 left to raise.
I have to give a shake and remind myself that I have raised $18,000.00 dollars....holy fuck doodles.
But I see the total that I need and I begin to work again.
If anyone has an extra $5.00....actually $25.00...COME AND spend $20.00 for a ticket to my dream tour show this weekend on the 8th and 9th...sit with me as I tell you some stories and sing some tunes.
There will be a raffle...there are amazing prizes...the tickets are...WHAT? $5!!!
Buy a TSHIRT and become a part of Sharron’s Army....the tshirts are an easy $20.00 or you can even donate MORE!!! If you donate more than $100.00 you get a tax receipt!
It is my dream AND GOAL to have the money that I need by the end of THIS month so I can focus on performance and promo!!
When I sat in the audience at Massey Hall this weekend....I closed my eyes and visualized...I visualized the day that I will walk out there on that Massey Hall stage... it will happen.
You heard it here first.
Oprah says it...YOU GOTTA DREAM BIG!
Thank you all....below is the list of Sharron’s Army so FAR!!!
THANK YOU!!! DO you wanna add your name?!?!?!?

Donors For “Sharron Matthews Superstar : World Domination Tour 2010”

General $2000.00 or more

I am waiting!

Lieutenant $500.00 to $1999.99

Curtis Barlow
Gary May
Joan Mathers
The John McKellar Charitable Foundation
Jerry and Kathy McRoberts
Ian Epstein and Kathy Kacer
Kevin Finora
Nancy Ruth

Army $50 to $499.99

Ari Weinberg
Becky and Kathy Liddle
Brian Goldberg
Buddies in Bad Times
Canadian Stage
Clinton Walker
Dan Thompson Beauty
Doug Price
The Elgin Winter Garden Theatres
Esther Yermus
Gillian Tooke
Harbourfront Centre
Jamie Porter
Just for You by Alex
Karen LeBlanc
Lorraine Kimsa Theatre For Young People
Lynne Jamieson
Marcel Watier
Marcello Tulipano
Marie Baron
Mary Lu Zahalan
Melissa Yetman
Miriam Flynn
Mirvish Productions
Natalie Heron
Opera Atelier
Patricia Wilson
Peter Martyn
Rod Kelly
Ron Cameron-Lewis
The Shaw Festival
The Stratford Festival
Sophie Radecki
Stefan Moccio
Tim Hughes
Visit Scotland

Sharron’s Privates People who have supported, given their free time and/or skill,promoted and/or helped Sharron immeasureably on this World Domination Tour!

Alex Saslove
Amanda Campbell
Ari Weinberg
Andy Parks
Bruce Dow
Charlotter Moore
Chris Lorway
Chris Mitchell
Constance Marlatt
Chrystal Donbrath
Crystal Rickard
David Oiye
Ed Sahely
Evan Smith
Gabi Epstein
Grant Ramsay
Jean Stilwell
Jeff Breithaupt
Jim Russell
Julia Gardener
Kathryn McEwen
Keith Cole
Kelly Holiff
Kyle Golemba
Leslie Arden
Louise Pitre
Mark Davis
Michael Gianfrancesco
Michael Hughes
Pablo Kessleman
Pam Chorley
Paul Sportelli
Patricia Wilson
Patricia Zentilli
Patti and John Loach
Peter Phoa
Rob Kempson
Robert Missen
Sara Farb
Shawn Daudlin
Shelley Quinn
Sky Gilbert
Susan Bourcier
Sutton Foster
Thom Allison
Tracey Nolan
Tricia Lackey
Wayne Gwillim
William Humenick

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