Monday, May 24, 2010

The Last two weeks of TV....series enders! BEWARE! Contains SPOILERS!

I really do.
I fucking love the TV.
I love that, growing up, my mother could be standing RIGHT BESIDE me asking me where my sister was and I didn't hear her at all....I have never had a problem escaping into the boobtube.
(I always thought that title was so titillating....hahhahah...
.AHAHAHAHHA! EFF off people, it is healthy to laugh...even at one's own jokes.)
I have been so wrapped up in the World Domination thing that I needed my TV escapes in the last couple weeks.
I have to say, I HAVE NOT been disappointed.
Only one small hiccup.
The Survivor Finale.

At the beginning of ever season I plant myself on the couch behind my computer and announce to my husband that I WILL NOT be watching this season. Then I watch it. I announce it EVERY time....except this season.
When I heard about the Villains versus Heroes....oh lord...I got so fucking excited!!!
It really fulfilled it's goal. Those villians were HORRIBLE. Awesomely Horrible.
Did you watch Danielle's fake boobs get more and more pronounced as she lost weight? They were GROSS!
And Parvati....every time she did that smile and that giggle/laugh... I turned to George and said "I hate that bitch."
But she played so well...
And I hated almost every snivelling little shit on the Heroes team...Rupert of the Gross Toe...he was a asshole of the first degree...
James...who I used to love...what a fucking abuser...and a control freak...and that stupid Amanda who cried over everything and had the balls to steal the idol from Danielle of the Wrinkle Boobs but did not have the "what for" to keep it.
And Colby...oh my god...what a did he stay till the end?
Hated the Heroes.
BUT! I loved the Villains ....
Boston the eff did you get kicked out...
Jerry... Loved her more than EVER!!!
Courtney!!!...You skinny bitch, I dug you...
Holy crap people...I even liked that doof Coach...
Who I didn't like...that gap tooth Russell....but it was AMAZING to see him get not ONE was also amazing to see how a person like him is delusional. He still thinks he should have won. Had no idea or refuses to accept that a GIRL like Parvati got the better of him.
I LOVED it when Sandra said that the only people who loved him were 5 people from his family who were in the audience.
I even question THAT!!!
Survivor FINALE= LOVED IT!!!!
The the next finale?
Grey's Anatomy.

Now George doesn't like hospital shows....and especially Grey's Anatomy...I suspect, though he has never said it...that it is the resemblance to a romance novel that offends him....the very thing that makes me love I had the last two episodes in the PVR cue waiting for him to fall asleep on the couch...which he did after playing a long game of Prince of Persia.
I stole the controllers from around his sleeping form and booted that shit UP!!
I cannot even remember what happened in the second last episode....because it paled in comparison to the SLAUGHTER/Blood bath that was the Grey's Finale.
I ain't gonna lie to you...I had seen on twitter that everyone was saying "wow" and "holy crap" and "what the eff is happening?" in response to #greysfinale...and I was intrigued.
When it started and I saw that moustached dude walking down the halls of Seattle Grace I tucked in for a barn burner.
And then that bitchy doctor, Reid is it?, got shot through the head I screamed and George woke up... and he even became interested enough to watch it...
What a great episode...nothing like a good mass murder to tie up some loose ends....encourage people to love each other in the face of death (Arizona and Callie...Christina and Owen)...make people believe in themselves after a period of challenge ( Webber)...and get rid of some extra characters that were cluttered about (all those stinky Mercy doctors)
I loved watching Bailey break down when she realized that she couldn't help that shot Mercy doctor....never liked him, didn't learn his name...and sit there with Mandy Moore...I question why she was in that episode...I also freaked out when Bailey was dragged from underneath the bed...oh lord.
And Webber's monologue to the shooter...Derek's shooting...I knew that crappy weird girl doctor would get him shot...Meredith's pregnancy....It was an amazing episode...
Grey's Anatomy= LOVED IT!!!
Then the Holy Grail.
The Lost SERIES Finale.

I was worried, I am not going to lie to you people.
I was real worried.
This year I started happy and then got sad...I didn't know what the fuck they were doing...the Temple....bad Sayid....horribly wigged Claire, she a poopy actress, huh?....the sideways reality...I was more confused than ever...and ...I cannot believe I am going to say this...I considered that I might stop watching.... I KNOW!
But I had invested so much...I think the creators depended on this as they tied up a bunch of loose ends...Richard and the Black Rock ship in the middle of the island...the two people in the cave....I didn't even remember that...they had to flash back 4 years for that...Jacob and the other guy and the chick from the West Wing KINDA telling us how it all started....but not really...that Jacob looked like a dick, huh? Why Jack's dad walked...
BUT WTF with the Temple and they guy who pretended to NOT speak english?
WHAT THE EFF is the ISLAND!?!?!?
Oh, lord.
I was so confused...but I was ready to go the distance.
We got home at 12:30pm last night from an excellent party and I began to watch.
I gave up pretty quickly that there were gonna be any answers.
I let it go.
But I got sad.
I hate the ending of just about anything...a great movie, a good book....but I felt like I knew these people...that is the way I felt when I was young...when Edith died on All in the Family I was inconsolable. And here were all these people with loves and lives....SUCK IT PEOPLE...I have a tender heart!
I was proud of Hurley.
I was almost proud of Ben.
I tried to like Kate again...but it was hard...her character bugged the eff out me.
Why didn't Sawyer take off his shirt...but I was happy when he and Juliette met again...and Jian and Sun...and Shannon and Sayid...BOONE was there...Libby was there but I think they cut her scene with Hurley...Desmond and Penny....oh, the crying...I wept like a 4 year old...I had no idea what was going on....but I wept....
When did they die?
When their plane crashed?
When there stories ended....
Oh...the sadness...yes...
And then Kate changed her outfit!!!
And...where was Walt and Michael?
Though I was still confused...
Lost SERIES Finale=Loved it.
And then you know what happened?
I was too tired to watch Celeb Apprentice and flicked on TWITTER AND SOMEONE SPOILED IT!!!
I still haven't watched it....but I guess Brett Michels won.

Yes, this guy.
I quite enjoyed watching him on this show...I had never watched it before and George is responsible for the fact that I got sucked it...
I am just glad he beat that Holly Robinson Peete...I am happy that she is helping Autism...that doesn't make her any less a byotch.
Ah well, I guess one outta four ain't bad, really.
And now....what will happen?
How will I fill my evenings and wind down?
After the disastrous last season of "So You Think YOu CAn Dance...." I don't know if I can do it.
Time Well Spent.

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