Friday, May 14, 2010

Where's My Money? The play....not the plea.

Hey ALL!!!
Guess what?
This is me promoting.... SOME ONE ELSE!!!
Could you just freak out....I am getting off the floor myself.
My dear friend Mary Francis Moore....

director of the award winning "You Fancy Yourself" is in a play that is being directed by David Ferry and she just keeps talking about how wonderful the whole experience is...for that to come from someone who is also a director...I always figure that is high praise....the show is called
Where's My Money?
I love the title...and the cast is most awesome... besides Ms. MF, the young and talented Christian Bellsmith is in it!
Tomorrow at 1:00pm the Pia Bouman Studio Theatre (6 Noble Street) there is a Pay What You can check it out ...and if you like it SPREAD THE WORD!!!
Let us support our artists....
Here are the deets...
May 13th to 30th
Tuesday to Saturday
For tix go to or call 416 504 7529
You can find out all of the juicy info at
Checks it out people...the tis are only $ cannot go can see how Mary Francis has taken on my hair colour and I hers...I know...not huge important info...but it is me after all.

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