Monday, May 31, 2010

World Domination Day 1....of to NY!

Wow. It is so much easier to fly on Porter.
(Where is my sponsorship, Porter?)
I am sitting in the super fancy waiting lounge ..I was two hours early...imagine.
It is so convenient, really.
(Again, sponsorship..)
I am just all a flutter.
I was up late packing after having a rehearsal in Niagara on the Lake with the young Wayne Gwillim...oh...the fun we had....
By the time we drove back and I packed the rest of my stuff it was late!
So, I slept for 6 hours and the last dream I remember is ...are you ready?...that I was Carrie from Sex and the City (one of my fashion influences...suck it...she is....) and I was on a ship that was going just before I exited the ship...fighting for my life...out on the deck to find Big (played in my dream by my fabu husband) I stood in front of a mirror clutching my strand of pearls, looking at my Audrey Hepburn hairdo
(I fucking kid you not!) and telling myself...are you sitting people?....
"Don't forget to smile and don't forget your style!"
I am a rhyming crazy lady, even in my dreams.
I don't know about the whole "ship going down" business...maybe stress...YA THiNK?
Anyhow, I woke to a long email from my PR dude Donald and he has my tonight all planned, he has me visiting Jim Caruso's Cast Party at 9:00pm, A quick PR meeting at 9:30pm to 10:00pm, Don't Tell Mama's next and if we have time a place called The Town House, a "chic gay piano bar!"...
I am just a bit overstimulated already.
What will I sing?
What will I say?
And most importantly...What will I WEAR?!?!?!?
George could not drop me off so I asked one of the fabulous Sharron's Army...a private actually, Sharron's Private...AHAHAH!!! Love that....I asked the dear Michael Hughes...who said yes RIGHT AWAY!!! What a good friend! He never stops helping the WD cause!!!

I am waiting...I am gonna read my trash novel now...there is a woman on the cover with a bodice ripper dress is called "Taming the Highland Bride"....ooh my lord. There will be some sex, I am sure.
Here we go people!!!
You all helped to send me on this journey!
I thank you!
I will write every day...and take pictures...and when Wayne, Derrick and George get to NY...there will be video!!!
Stay Tuned!
Goodbye TO.

See you soon!

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