Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I won an award. THANK YOU Diane Leah. It almost looks like an Oscar... almost.
So...a couple months ago I get asked by the dear Diane Leah (fabulous musical director and head of music at MCC) to sing at a gig...she is very non committal about what it is...where it is...who it is for...that should have been my first clue.
In the next few weeks every time I ask her about it she tells me there is no money...that they were looking for someone wacky...and that it would be great exposure....all my fave things.
(Not my fave things...sarcasm is hard over the intraweb)
But the amazing Ms. Diane Leah has played for guests on Sharron's Party for absolutely free many times...I see no problem with doing this, VERY ambiguous at best, gig.
And Diane Leah doesn't ask for much but when she does...you do it!
So, last night I end up at something called the "Harold Awards".
I had heard about them...they are for the independent theatre artist...so, they were always too cool for me...they are all about being set up and surprised...secrets and lies.
I think that Diane, who has told me not to write about it online and has arranged to pick me up for the night and everything, is either A: Setting up someone else...possibly Louise OR B: taking me somewhere to kill me after.
I am scheduled to sing Bohemian Rhapsody with Diane accompanying.
When we get pulled up onstage...the keyboard is...not a fucking word of a lie...30 keys...it was a perfect mess...we did a comedy show...we tried to cut a verse and the audience said no...Diane was supposed to stop me....and I was NOT to be stopped.
And then Diane presented a Harold Award to me.
The inscription reads..."Named for the Late Harold Kandel, a theatregoer and frequent heckler, this award is for outstanding contributions to Toronto's performing arts scene."
I had an idea it might be something but I NEVER expected it to come from Diane Leah...I didn't even know that she won last year...that is the thing about the award...it is passed down from the person who got it the year before...before her was Leslie Arden and before Leslie...Jonathan Munro. My award started with Don McKellar and went first to Sky Gilbert.
I am always honoured to be recognized by our community...and the lineage just makes it all the sweeter.
Diane Leah's respect is something I will hold close to my heart. It was, don't tell, one of the best parts.
That and Keith Cole telling me a story about how when he accepted his Harold award that he was in a sweat shirt covered with questionable stains (think Monica Lewinski's Blue Dress)....VOTE FOR KEITH FOR MAYOR!!!
It is one month tomorrow till my Joe's Pub debut and I FINALLY WON AN AWARD!!!

Me and Grant Ramsay....we celebrate the Harold!!!

And Scroll back and forth between the pics....that is me and one of my dearest friends and supporters Grant Ramsay, by the by....if you scroll back and forth my award gives you the finger.
Don't you think?
And I would be remiss if I didn't say COME AND SEE MY SHOW AT BUDDIES THIS SATURDAY THE 8th or SUNDAY the 9th!!! 8:00pm....
P.S. The raffle prizes are off the hook...opening night tickets to the "Legally Blonde", a subscription to the Harold Green Jewish Theatre, "Pretty as a Superstar" Package that includes Dan Thompson Make Up, Beautiful Jewelry and a Styling and $25 voucher to Fashion Crimes, Tshirts and, of course, the honour of choosing last song!
Come on out!!!

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