Monday, November 08, 2010

If I say Banff one more time...and Bump it.

Dear All,

My husband is very sweet....he is so sweet that He listens to every inane story that I have to tell over and over and just smiles and gives me a hug....I imagine he is rolling his eyes indulgently in his mind...he always seems interested.

BUT...I think if he hears me say "You know what happened in Banff?" one more time he might murder me.

He has never expressed that this phrase was a problem...but I have said it one million times and today I told him a story and he said, "Did that happen in Banff?" I don't think he was making fun of me...he is such a good man...but I wonder....

Oh, before I get any farther in this story I want you all to know that I went to Staples today to get my flyers printed...WORLD DOMINATION Week 44 BITCHES!!!...and I walked by the "As Seen On TV" section...and I saw the thing some call the "Bump it".

It is a contraption that makes you look like you have high hair, Jersey hair....Snookie hair...I have long watched the TV commercial and I gotta tell you...I was intrigued.

I could not help myself

I bought one.

What the eff...I wonder if it will work...STAY TUNED.


Ah yes....what an amazing god...the first day I was so overstimulated by the surrounding mountains that I almost had an anxiety attack...but I LOVE the view....

And this was the view out of the rehearsal hall window....

How the fuck did we get anything done??? How??? I ask you!

The cast was fantastic...a great mix of Canadians and Americans....and that hack Adam Brazier.

Patty Jamieson and I climbed and walked all over that freakin' place...then there was that deer outside our window...who when I waved at him ( yes, I waved) he laid down....

Absolutely NO sense of self preservation, what so ever.

The Banff Centre was a effing gorgeous...every artist in Canada should get the chance to work there. Thanks to Kelly Robinson for bringing me out!

Now, here is my fave part....besides the fabulous show...Innocence, written by the fabulous British team of Alasdair Middleton and Jonathan Dove...some of the hardest stuff I have had the pleasure to try and master...there was one day that I screwed it up so badly in front of Jonathan that I mouthed "I am sorry" in the middle of the scene. They were such great guys!

My fave part....besides the fun I had with one Rachel Neuberger and one Patty Jamieson...that girl knows how to have fun!!!

My FAVE THING....meeting and working and eating with fantastic Liz Ward, John Cunin and Beth McVey...OH.and the young Jade Padua....


Okay my fave part...besides the wine I a sailor....and the fun I shared with one Arbender and one Carly...those two know how to make a Canadian gal laugh...and then pull out all her best bits....


Here is my fave part!

When I was 14 ( bear with me) I sat in front of my television and watched the Tony awards.

I watched Angela Landsbury introduce Dreamgirls...then I watched her sing "I am Tell You"...and was obsessed...I bought the RECORD!!! THE L freaking P.

And listened to it OBSESSIVELY!

My fave part of THAT? One James Thunder played by Tony Winner Clevant Derricks.

He stole that album....and when I saw the show on tour and he wasn't in it...DISAPPOINTED.

I have all of his ism's and vocals from that record in my brainstem.

So, first day of rehearsal of Innocence, in walks this guy...he says hi to everyone...and I freak out inside.

Patty asks me if I am alright.

I say yes.

It is him.

Clevant Derricks.

Two time Tony winner...he was in freakin' Moscow on the Hudson....and so many other things...but when he started singing I almost cried.

He is the lovliest of gentlemen.

Just the loveliest.

There was a moment that I was sitting offstage and a young man, one Arbender, started to sing his solo and it was so gorgeous and I looked out the window and there were mountains...and I turned and there was Clevant sitting beside me smiling...and I did cry...a little.

I felt the magic of theatre.

Anything is possible.

It is such a gift that I get to be a part of it.


It sounds GAYLORDY!!!

But it is true...thanks universe.

Clevant Derricks and me.

OH YA!!!

So, I have my CD release in just over two weeks!!!

I am very excited!

It features some of fave pieces....I just said pieces...all fancy.

It is gonna be all old school...and new school!

I have some shit to talk with all of you about...I have missed you...I have missed Buddies!

It feels like forever!

Come and celebrate this CD with me...and we'll talk ....if you have specific questions you would like answered or things you would like to chat about send me an email and I will do my best to work it into the show!!!

Friday November 26th and Saturday November 27th @ Buddies in Bad Times at 8:00pm doors at 7:30pm.

Call Buddies Box Office at #416 975 8555 from Tuesday to Saturday (Noon to 5:00pm) or go the Box office at 12 Alexander Street and pick them tickets up!!!

WE are gonna pack this shit out!!!

Also, sweet George has a show this Friday night (the 12th) of his fantastic baritone Trio Bravura (fancy!) at the Rosedale Presbyterian Church 129 Mount Pleasant Road at South is really amazing to hear these guys sing together!

So, how is that for an eff load of info?!?!?!

I await your emails!

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