Monday, November 29, 2010

Sharron Matthews Superstar

So, sometimes...I enjoy spending a whole day editing a video....I know, I is geeky....
You know what is amazing? After you watch yourself on video for a while you kind give yourself up to your flaws....perceived and otherwise...sometimes the angle is bad and the joke is good....which thing do you think I go for?
I have to say that this was some of the most fun I have ever had making a vid.
I had not even had the time to watch the Scotland footage yet...FROM THREE months ago...and I am always worried...but George did such a great job....FREEHAND, people!
I enjoyed doing my show for two weeks in Edinburgh.
I learned so very much...and I relaxed into it...there was so many other things to worry about besides the show that the show itself was a rest!
And looking at the fabulous backdrop on the iconic Joe's Pub stage made me cry....and then looking at the SOLD OUT (yes, bitches, SOLD OUT is ALWAYS in caps) show I did at the Young Centre this summer...made me happy....I went all "joss stone" barefoot...and my boobs look huge.
Just being honest.
And then there was the awesome footage from the CD Release this weekend!!!
The audience this weekend was full of people I love, adore and thank for their constant support!
Louise and Joe, Joan Mathers, that crazy Mary Walsh, that pretty Paula Brancati, the producing duo of Derrick Chua and the new associate Dean at Sheridan Michael Rubinoff, my John Austin and the fabulous Chris Lorway (who even came to my show when he was in Edinburgh though he has seen it here one million times), Shawn Hitchens (who is coming the the Ed FRINGE next year!) and his beau Matthew...Peter Phoa, Michael G, Joni and John, Gillian....Ari's Bubie, Francis, my fabulous party Ladies, Shelley, Constance, Sasha and Petra...and Peter, their Designated Driver....Kyle, Sara, Gabi, Kimball, Rob, Joy, Gordon, Eric, Dan, many many friends...oh and Brendan and Gregory came....
And my guests were amazing....James Levesque singing '50 Percent' and Jeigh Madjus belting out 'Firework'...I felt very lucky.
Coming to Buddies is always like coming home.
I love it there....Shawn, Erika, Chrystal, Patricia, Glen, Chris, Michael, Paul...Jazz, who makes us sound so great...and takes care of us.
I was just so thankful for the fabulous year I have had....thankful to have Wayne play and reinvent songs I have been doing for years...making them fresh, new and awesome. Wayne Gwillim is just the awesomest!
Doing this video reminded me of all the fabulous things I have accomplished and experienced this year....and how much I still want to do...I love a good promo...check it out...pass it along!
Have a great day all!
Thanks for reading and for following!
Sharron xoxoxo

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