Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas and Broadway....what a lordy bunch of stuff!!

I AM THE CABARET GIFT that keeps on giving...by promoting...and promoting...and promoting BUT A GAL HAS GOTTA DO HER THANG....thing....no wait....thang.
Definitely thang.

I have two shows coming up and then I will not be back to Toronto till...well, I am gonna be absolutely honest....my next show that is even near TO in next May.
I am fully booked till the end of May....and there are irons in the fire across the pond till September after that....so I honestly DO NOT KNOW when I will be back...and I shit you not!
From January till March (after I go to London on a fact finding and producer meeting mission in early January) I have a secret, to-be-named project....fuck I wish I could tell you....it is HUGE HUGE HUGE....and this project takes up ALL the rest of January, February and most of March and then I , thankfully, have one nighters all over Ontario and one in Moosejaw, bitches....Saskatchewan ain't never seen the likes of me!!
I am booked at Theatre Aquarius in May for two weeks...and I am full on looking forward to working in my hometown....telling people stories with their real names in it.

OKAY....so here we go...these are my final dates in Toronto for at least a year.

On December 16th I am doing my fave show....
at the Toronto Centre in the gorgeous little studio theatre...I last saw "Title of Show" there are LOVED IT! My husband's baritone trio, Bravura, is opening for me...they are handsome and dreamy!
And the FABU Chris Tsujiuchi will be playing PEOPLE! We may even sing together!
It is a intimate room and tickets are going SO BUY THEM now...everyone says this show gets them into the season...whatever your season may be!
There will be holiday cheer....tons of laughs...something for everyone really...as I have said...this has long been my fave show.
Below is the poster and below that the link to the website where you can buy tickets!


And next, two days later on December 18th (Saturday) at the beautiful Oakville Centre for the Arts in their studio theatre I will be doing my other fave show...
Sharron's Big Broadway Show
it is the story of how I got to where I am...sad and happy....fun and sometimes...well, come and see for yourself.

I got asked to write a Broadway themed show for myself and so I did it in my way...with a Les Mis Medley that tells you all about the show in 3 minutes...my fateful meeting with Bette Midler....John Travolta...working with Hal Prince....it takes you backstage, to the dressing rooms....audition studios in New York....movie sets....it goes EVERYWHERE!
And I sing songs from "Guys and Dolls", "Title of Show", "Steel Pier", "Hello Dolly", "Wild Party"...so many...and you know how musicals can get you in the Christmas mood....well, this about covers it....oh the fun we will have!
Below is a poster (I changed the show title....this is a bit old timey) and a link to the ticket website!
Come on out!!!


This may be it for a while people!!!
I would love to see you!
Thanks for reading....thanks for your support...and all the best for the season!

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