Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Blythe, Hater, Effing Spence and Michael Buble!!!

Dear ALL!

I noticed that sometimes newpaper columnists publish a ‘catch-all’ column and I decided that since I hadn’t written anything that wasn’t a fricken self promotion in....5 years...that I wanted to pass on some random thoughts to you.


I have ALSO noticed that a lot of my tweets are of the negative nature lately....I noticed this because I just wrote...about 5 minutes ago...

“I am feeling very thankful for this year. I would like to thank everyone who supported me and/or helped my on this freakin’ awesome adventure that I have begun....Haters? Suck it.”

Now. I looked at the “Suck it” part over and over again and wondered...did I want to put it out there?

It might be minorly (or as is always my hope, MAJORLY) humourous...but did I want to dilute...yes, I said it....dilute a positive message with a negative sentiment?....yes, Isaid that too.

I deleted the tweet...that sounds stupid...WOW! I was just negative to myself.

I think I am gonna try to tweet more positive....maybe it will change my life...maybe it will change the world....maybe people will just not find me funny...I guess I will just have to work harder at being funny and positive.

That sounds exhausting.

Number 2.

I have a spin teacher that looks like my friend, Blythe Wilson. From far away...the length of the spin room...she looks exactly like Blythe. She has been (Blythe) away on tour for a million years now. Sometimes I take this class just to feel like I spent an hour with Blythe....this is bit pathetic, I know....we all get our comforts where we may.

Number 3.

Why did Grey’s Anatomy stick Christmas decorations all over the set and pretend it was Christmas....but not really have a Christmas episode....they played Christmas music and all...that had nothing to do with the story line...and then (SPOILER ALERT) the lady from Spamalot slammed the door in the pretty blonde lady’s face.

WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!?!? And is it done till next year?


Number 4.

I love the Michael Buble clip I found on the old FB. If you haven't seen it the link is below. I remember that every concert I went to I always wondered what would happen if I was brought up onstage...I wished it...I hoped for it...I dressed for it.


The non dreamers of the world said it would never happen...well, this proves that you should be ready for anything and everything...and be open to it!!! You never know what may happen.


Number 5.

I am going to London, England in January for the first time in my life...and I am going by myself...I am staying with friends when I get there...but I think I will be running around a bit on my own. I am a bit nervous...I am a bit excited. I am going to find a place to do my show. I am fucking excited.

Number 6.

I plan to make this the best Christmas ever.

Number 7.

I am not sure how I plan to do number 6 but I will figure it out....I did start by taking George to the Distillery

for Hot Chocolate...we bought one for 5 Bucks at Soma and hated it...we bought one for 3 bucks at Balzacs...it was awesome...just saying.

Number 8.

YOU also can make it the best Christmas ever....unless you don’t celebrate it...then you can make it the best December EVER by coming to see my Holiday show at the Toronto Centre on Thursday, December 16th....Bravura will be opening the show...my husbands group...three baritones...Curtis Sullivan, Lawrence Cotton and George...they are awesome.


OR you came come to my ‘Sharron’s Big Broadway Show’ on Saturday December 18th in Oakville at the Oakville Centre for the Arts.


Number 9.

See what I did there in number 8? I remain unashamed.

Number 10.

And, finally, I would like to thank Spence Diamonds for launching the meanest-spirited-Mean-Girls campaign ever at Christmas time....way to make lonely people feel EVER WORSE!!!


Hope all are well, except for Spence Diamonds.

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