Friday, December 31, 2010


So, here I sit...I am sick...I really am...fucking fucking fucker.

My hair has been in braids for four days...I actually had a bath yesterday...when I woke this morning George called our doctor and got me in right, I love my doctor...but sometimes...she can be in a bit of a bad mood...but she is a bit in love with George (though, in case she reads this, she is happily isn’t going to make her like me anymore...c’est la the french say), when I need something I usually bring him with me...he had to stay in the car with the dogs...because they wanted me there in 20 minutes...AND he got me there.

When I had my blood pressure taken (above average, thank you very much spin class) I asked the nurse if she was in a good mood...the doctor, that is...oh how the nurse laughed...chills one to the bone.

The doctor came in and looked at me...and smiled...huh...asked about my FABULOUS KOBO...which George got me for Christmas...she was so lovely...then we talked about my Super Secret TV program.

She was very excited for me...I have been going to her since I arrived in Toronto, so, for 20 years....holy fuck...20 years.

She has seen me through some very hard times, career wise...the ups and downs...the frustrating, the sideways moves.

Anyhow...if I had known that it would take getting a TV show to get the nice treatment I woulda tried harder...isn’t that always the get so many more perks from the TV.

Anyhow...she put me on the HORSE PILLS of antitbiotics so that I would be ready to fly on Monday....and I got a is sitting on the scares intrigues me...I wonder if it will make me puke.

So, I am at home...feeling a bit under...

BUT it is the last day of World Domination 2010.

I was thinking that the theme of next year would continue to be World Domination...but that just seems like a cop out...I got to be able to come up with something better than that...I feel a bit of pressure...I have also tried coming up with a song that really encapsulates all of 2010....also hard...

I must go and think...

I am open to ideas...I will say though, that the show that will travel to London and Scotland this year will be called....

Sharron Matthews Superstar: Jesus Thinks I’m Funny.

Oddly enough, I have my Auntie Pat to thank for that...story to be inserted in SHOW!!!

But what will the theme of my year be....WHAT??!?!? the have figured out a song...not that I want to focus on the negative...but there is a lifetime of negative that we have to overcome in realizing a I wrong? When we make grand plans all the crappy things that people have told us...all the gold stealers out there...all the things that make us feel ‘less than’ come running through our heads...but we can win...we can do here is my song for the year...because it is catchy, because it makes me laugh and because it is the Nth degree....and it is by Cee Lo....give it a watch...and watch it all the way!!! What a fucking fabulous video....

So, now that I have figured out a song for last year...I need a theme for this year??? I only have 7 hours...HELP!!!!!

And may I take this moment to wish you ALL a Happy New Years...wherever in the world you may be...and may you come up with your own theme for 2011 and your own song to encapsulate 2010!!!


George just asked, WHAT IF...he called 2011 the Year of the Perpetual Tan...I told him he might wanna reach higher...but who am I to say?

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