Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Number One in NY, White Christmas and Andrea Martin


I woke today filled with the happiness of going to my friend Thom’s house last night and experiencing our yearly viewing of “White Christmas”...I was looking forward to it so much that my very sick husband insisted that I still go even though he was staying home.

Though I love George...I went....I love it.

Oh my freaking lord I love that movie...I am a total lord...and I love watching it with Thom!

Look at those two...draggin' it up....

I always learn something new about it every year...

This year I learned that Vera Ellen always wore something to cover her neck and arms because she was so skinny and bony that they needed to put her in turtle necks...who knew? Made me a bit sad.

I learned that Danny Kaye’s part was originally supposed to be played by Fred Astaire and then Donald O’Connor...can you imagine ANYONE ELSE playing that part? And he always looks a bit in love with Bing...which I adore.

So many things...and when ever I see the actors and singers from White Christmas in other movies I feel weird...I feel a bit dirty....they will always exist for me in this time and place.




As a side bar...we saw the guy who played Bernardo from West Side Story, who does a scene with Rosemary Clooney ( he is a dancer in “Love You Didn’t Do Right By Me”) in the special features part of the DVD and he was so pulled and dyed that we had to stop the video and just look....lord...what the fuck....people do that plastic surgery way too much. They also showed Kathryn Crosby, Bing’s widow...and she WAS ALSO SO PULLED...actually even more than Bernardo...one of her eyes is wider than the other and opens and closes like one of those dolls...with the blinking eyes...it was terrifying.

Thank you THOM!

And this morning...after my still sick hubby went off to work I checked my email and read this...( I have shortened the entry below...to uh....to um....oh let us be honest....to get right to my part...)

From Andrew Martin of NiteLifeExchange.com on WPAT Radio 930 AM, 2/21/10, 2:15-2:25 AM

Hello, Michael, Hello, John, and thank you both so much for having me back this week. I'm Andrew Martin, and you can always find my column and my reviews on NiteLifeExchange.com (that's "n-i-t-e," like "bite" or "kite").

(here is where I shortened)

From there we jump to cabaret. Since the end of the year is upon us, I thought it only right if I gave a rundown of what I've considered the top fifteen cabaret acts of the year 2010. I'm not going to take up a lot of time by providing reviews of each, because I've already done that on NiteLifeExchange.com. What I'd like to do instead is simply provide you with the name of the performer and the venue in which they appeared, and hope that you'll all be on the lookout for all of them if and when they make new appearances in 2011. They are:

15) Cynthia Crane, Don't Tell Mama

14) Joshua Warr, Laurie Beechman Theatre

13) Gretchen Reinhagen, Metropolitan Room

12) Corinna Sowers-Adler, The Duplex

11) Mary Testa, Laurie Beechman Theatre

10) Anthony Cochran, Metropolitan Room

9) Lois Sage, Laurie Beechman Theatre

8) Emily Bergl, Metropolitan Room

7) Michael Garin and Mardie Millit, Metropolitan Room

6) Carole Demas, Laurie Beechman Theatre

5) Kara Johnstad, Metropolitan Room

4) Barb Jungr, Metropolitan Room

3) Sarah Rice, Laurie Beechman Theatre

2) Lillias White, Iridium Jazz Club

1) Sharron Matthews, Joe's Pub

That's all the time I have for now, and remember, you can always find my reviews and my column on NiteLifeExchange.com. For WPAT, 930 on your AM dial, I'm Andrew Martin.


I kept reading down the list...I thought...why did he send me this?

And then I got to the fucking number one spot...HOLY FUCKING CRAP!!!


Thank you, Andrew...what a great honour.

I already felt pretty good about my trip to NY....but this...holy crap....can I stop saying it...I DON’T Think SO!

So, in the spirit of that I have decided to embrace the idea....the truth as it were...of being an admitted social media whore and campaign for something.

You may think it is gross...you may judge me...but the Hollywood fancies have someone that they hire to get their hands dirty...but it is just me here, people...I gotta do my own admin.

I have been nominated by Broadwayworld.com for an award for “Best Theatrical Event” in 2010....I was just going to let it go and not really talk about it...I feel very honoured and am in absolutely fabulous company...Andrea Martin, Seth Rudetsky, Marc Kimmelman’s show...I wanted to let nature take it’s course...but I am in 4rth place people...

on Twitter today...in my first bid to campaign...to test the waters...I said this.....

SharronMatthews So...I am up for Best Theatrical Special Event on Broadwayworld.com...why not vote for me? Andrea is a star and Seth lives in NY! They don't need it! VOTE HERE!!!! http://toronto.broadwayworld.com/vote2010toronto.cfm Best Theatrical Special Event, people!!!

Two minutes later this came up....

iamandreamartin @SharronMatthews , stars like votes too, miss sharron. But you have MINE!

And then....

SharronMatthews @iamandreamartin uh oh.

Twitter pause.....

SharronMatthews @iamandreamartin See. This is what happens when you are a true social media whore. I love you ANDREA!!!! You do have a Tony, though....

I hope she understands.... I VOTED FOR HER FOR BEST ACTRESS IN A PLAY!!! I DID!!! Please understand, Andrea.



That went very badly.

Anyhow...I couldn’t even imagine asking you to vote for me....

But if you have a moment.....WHY THE FUCK NOT?!?!?!?


Good day ALL!!!


You do have a Tony....and an Emmy....

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