Monday, December 13, 2010

Only 12 days....let the parodies begin...

I know that the basis of the 12 days of Christmas is not actually the 12 days before is some weird idea that I don't actually care enough about to even if that isn't effing lazy, I don't know what is....BUT it is now 12 days TILL Christmas...
I cannot fucking believe it.
We don't even have a Christmas tree....
George usually starts talking about it in November....whoops, I mean Mo-vember....
Let me be clear here...I am very supportive of the money raised, the effort to grow facial hair and the time taken for Mo-vember...but how many dudes are you seeing again, now, in December and thinking
"OH MY GOD...that moustache is ON PURPOSE!"
Anyhow....George usually starts talking about the tree in November...but we still don't have one!
Maybe tomorrow.
I have already heard ONE MILLION...I know it is hard to believe but....ONE MILLION versions and parodies of the 12 days of Christmas...
I just heard a jazzy and all "minor key" version that made my hair stand on end...and not in the good the "Really?? You are trying too hard." kinda way.
I like the original.
I know this is coming from a gal who has....does calling myself a gal make me sound old?...fuck it...I don't care....this is coming from a GAL who has made a living...barely...of changing arrangements to songs...but I LIKE the original.
I said it.
Anway...this message it two fold.
To remind you to be on guard for pretenders of the "12 Days of Christmas."
(The following is a true story.)
I have been busily working on next year...and after I go to London....ENGLAND, people!!! January, for a whole week, to look for venues and meet with my producer....YES....I am booked till pretty much the end of October...all outside of the country or on the TV!
I said it!!!
I start shooting the SECRET TV show, that I can't tell you the title of, on Jan 17th for two months people...then I have gigs all around Canada...then to Europe...then back to Europe.
That is the exciting plan.
It is a daunting and awesome plan.
A plan that I thank all of my World Domination donors and supporters for helping to plant the seeds of...does that make grammatical sense....did I spell 'grammatical' right?
THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your support, words, donations, emails and general positive thoughts this past year....I can't believe what a year it has been...
I will not be doing a show in Toronto least...I shit you not....till October next year....IF THAT!!!
CAN YOU FREAKIN' Believe it?!?!?!?
So, this week I will revisit two of my fave shows...
"Sharron's Holiday Party" at the Toronto Centre on Thursday the 16th with Bravura opening ths show!

OR come on over to the Oakville Centre for the Arts on Saturday the 18th to see "Sharron's Big Broadway Show"! All musical theatre!! All the time!

I would love to see chat with sell you my CD for all of your Christmas give you a tell you a dirty sing you a funny song...
Because it will be too long till next time!
I hope you are all enjoying the Holidays...that you are well...that you aren't freezing your bits off....
Come on down!!!

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Art said...

You are both Awesome and economical as your parody of the 12 days of Xmas is to reduce it to 2 Fabulous days of Xmas! Sharron Rocks!

Dave S. Toronto - blog:

Twitter: selfhelplessguy