Sunday, December 26, 2010

True Grit and Social Network ...and George is sleeping....

Well, he isn't really sleeping...I just think he is a tiny bit over me putting every little thing he does on the interweb...he hasn't really said as much...but we have been together for 19 years....holy fuck.
We are celebrating our 19th grand.
And for the first time in one million years George and I had the luxury of waking up Christmas morning in our own bed....once, early on in our Christmas-relationship-career, we slept at a relatives on a pile of couch cushions...I swore... never again.
So we woke in our bed and promptly went back to sleep...
We had planned to see as many movies as we could...sometimes movies make George sleepy...we bought tickets to see "True Grit"....when we walked into the theatre the most god awful feedback started screeching out of the speakers and people started to pour out and mill around...we didn't even stop and think...we found a movie that started 5 minutes later....Social Network.
We are possibly the only humans in Toronto to not have seen this movie yet...and I had heard so many awesome things about it that I was afraid it would not live up...
I liked it fine.
I thought it was good...but I didn't love it...near the end both George and I were checking the time, although George professed to have loved it a lot.
It is hard watching something where you are we tend to do...for a person with a redeeming quality....and I could only find one...Eduardo...
That Mark Zuckerberg seems to be a douche...only second to the douchieness of Sean Parker, as played by my ever loved...suck it if you judge me...Justin Timberlake...he was a bit too trite and then a bit too over-the-top...don't tell him I said so...the actor who played Zuckerberg...I am too tired to go to another page and google it...was awesome...he did a fabulous job.
Loved the dude who played two dudes.
Maybe someone can tell me...I don't quite understand and am TRULY looking for an answer can they get away with using names, companies and private relationships on the screen? Some of the character portrayals are damning...after all....Sean Parker...maybe he doesn't give a crap....
HOW, you guys?
Anyhow....rating for Social Network?
B. I know some of you will freak out that it isn't an A but I stand by my rating.

Then we went to see True Grit.
I wasn't too excited...I didn' t really feel into a western...BUT what I forgot was that is was a Coen Brothers film....I fucking love those guys...they really and truly embrace a film style.
I fucking loved this movie.
Everything about it.
The kid, Jeff Bridges (with an accent that I almost could not figure out), Matt Damon all precious, Josh Brolin, Barry great...every character.
I could have watched it forever...and there was a dude in front of us who kept commenting on everything..."You are in trouble now little girl!", "He drank too much whiskey....", "What are you gonna do now?"...this man also put his feet up right in front of us with no shoes on....STINKY. But he was amusing.
It was like the one time I saw a movie in Brooklyn.
There was the dialogue on the screen and the UNENDING dialogue in the audience...amazing.
Again, True Grit...Rating?
George is, right now, trying to get the Turkey together.
He was supposed to cook it for me last night....he thought it was cook from wasn't...Chinese food it was...then he put it the fridge to defrost over night...NOT DEFROSTED!...
So, we are putting the turkey in and dropping in at a friends' house.....
I hope all of your Christmas' have been wonderful so far...
I have to go get ready to go to my friends house!!!
I will be eating turkey at 2:00am.
I love Christmas. I love time off with George. I love all of you supporters and readers....may I wish you a Happy Holidays.

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