Friday, August 05, 2011

First Preview Day at Edfringe 2011...same hair, exploding music stand and "HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW STYX!

So after taking a long a beautiful walk around Arthur's seat today....

(I got over the show whilst I power some of my best work here, people) so, after the walk i began to crap my pants...and this is usual need for alarm...ask George. Poor husband man.

This is the moment when I don't feel like I have prepared enough...and it makes me sick in the tummy...but I did my best to take care of that by going to my fave bargain store on Nicholson Street (Wayne and Derrick will know it) called Edinburgh Bargain...I got a stool last year (for my show...not poo) last year that took me 4 hours to assemble.

This year I just got a light bulb and a big salad bowl.

But it filled the hole.

I went to the mile for 2 hours today and chatted with people and handed out flyers...oh the people I met!!!


Team Jesus worked their collective asses off today.

Rob and Chloe went to the mile at 11:00am and stayed until just before the show with a small break...god bless...Chloe all being awesome on the IPAD (with the fabu viewing pack made my none other that kilt maker extraordinaire, Robert Pel....the IPAD is stocked with my vids...a lot of people commented on it. (GREAT idea George).

And by showtime...I felt great...who knew how many we would have.

But, thanks to TEAM JESUS, it was packed!!! PACKED!!!

It is always weird to load in for the first time...because it is all so new and you really have a VERY SPECIFIC period of time to get it all together...and it was a bit of chaos...but it went really any awesome people!!! Cousin's Deb and Paul were cousins by lovely and supportive...and a bunch of people from "I Love You, Your Perfect..." playing here at the fringe with my Edinburgh buddy on the old FB, Alan Gibson...and a great number of people I have never met it.

Highlights...during a very tense medley moment...and yes, these do exist...Chris' music stand was amazing, really.

And during my highschool medley it became clear that the audience had never heard of Styx or Kiss....WHAT?!?!?

I did this research last year...but I can't believe that they didn't know KISS!! STYX!!!

Gotta do a think on that tomorrow.

But I sold a bunch of Cd's and it went super awesome...I am excited to run this show.

And I had Indian food and too much wine...and met a woman with the same hair style...she was 20...suck it young people...I can rock it too!!!


Thanks to Team Jesus!!!

Another day and another

Night all!

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