Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Junk Notes vs. Zooperstars & Sharron v.s Being a Million Miles Away


I didn't think I would watch it.

It is 2:00am in the morning in Scotland...and I am doing my tech tomorrow for my show at the Edinburgh Fringe (for all of you who may have not been playing along so far) and I need sleep.

So, about 1:00am I knock on the door of my piano player, Chris and say, "You need to call your young friends who are tech savvy and help me set up a TV to Skype to Scotland date.

He jumped to, god bless him.

We worked on it for 25 minutes before a former student of mine from Sheridan College agreed to do it...for 2 free coachings for his 3rd year Pop Critique. I offered...I think he might have done it without...but you gotta make it worth someone's while, right?

Worth it.

Worth it.

I was so red in the face when it started...I sat with my stage show producer, Rob and Chris, the aforementioned...yes, I said it...piano player and friend...I felt so far away...but skype is brought me right to Canada.

Now, you all have to know that the coaches have seen almost no footage from the show.

We don't even really know how the other coaching team works...or what they are like on they run their rehearsals..nothing.

We only really know our team and our rehearsal days...except the sneak peek...which goes by in a nanosecond and you can only see the tape once....ONCE, I tell you!!!

This is high pressure stuff, people!!!

Christian, my trusty partner and friend, and I never knew what to expect....I was so happy to see all these people from Got Junk audition...they were all from different parts of the company and some of them barely knew each other.

The worked their tales off....EVERY ONE of them.

And they had some mad natural skills...and the number was tailor made for them.

Christian and I came up with the concept, and picked the songs together...I do the arrangements and he the choreo.

I love working with him...he is talented man...and super kind.

I am so bleeping tired but I am so happy that I got to see it.

I am glad that I met and worked with all these fab people!!!

Graham and his man UGGS...and his beautiful children.

Tim and his quiet way...and fabu talent.

Erin and her proud of her...she is inspiring.

All the Junk Notes....Andrew, Jeff, Chantel, Zara, Sheila, Scott, Lisa, Yoro...I LOVE YOU GUYS and I COULD NOT BE PROUDER!!!

But this lassie ( booooo bad cultural reference) has got to let her sleeping pill kick in and go to bed!!!

I can't wait to see what next week holds...

Congrats to Kelly and Scott and the Zooperstars!!! Great work you guys!!!

I am watching you, Kelly and Scott.

Thanks to Insight, Global...the fabulous crew and every person we worked with every was really the dream job to end all dream jobs.


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