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Promo Gigs, Blister, Canada Sings, Margaret Cho wants to shop and first 5 Star review!

Oh my lord, people!

What a THREE, yes, read only THREE, days it has been so far!

After the first PACKED preview I went home and changed a medley into a mashup! I magic...Jesus magic.

This was the line up for Day 2

1. Go to the Mile for two hours to meet the people and hand out flyers. (Success)

2. Go to Edinburgh Tonight and do a promo spot (Successful, I think)

3. Look at the Festival Pull Out section in the Scotsman (Auntie Pat told me it is Scotland's most fancy paper.) and look at the article that I WROTE about is the link!!!

It was so fancy...that I freaked is in the middle...the very middle!!! (SUPER SUCCESS)

4. Do my show...oh yes, there is that! (Gonna stop rating all the activities here)

5. And then I did a midnight promo gig that turned into me going on at 3:00amish...I sang Bohemian Rhapsody and there was a drunk woman in the front row who just made my life very special...she was like a gift. I just kept pausing and looking at her...shaking my head...and then continuing on.

The thing I really love about these promo gigs is that you meet artists that you have never met before...see them do there thing...and then you do your thing...and word of mouth happens...maybe a cross promotion. Everyone is quite supportive here. You have to be.

For the record, on Day 2, I got up about 9:00am and made it to be at 4:00am.

So, when I woke up the morning of Day tired. It is rainy. I feel a bit sicky.

It stresses me out...because the list for Day Three is....

1. Gotta pick up some stuff for the show at Princes Mall. (Fake Uggs so I don't have sock lines when I change at my venue into my heels....judge me if you will, bitches.)

2. Gotta do a promo at "The New Town" which is a benefit for Waverly Centre....fabu Gay Bar...filled with dishy Gays. LOVE. (This promo is at we ram ourselves into the car to make it for my ....

3. 8:05pm Show that the Space....I hear there is a reviewer going to be time for dinner/fuel....suck it up Matthews.

4. stomach tells me that I need to eat....while I am onstage...I spend a couple seconds of silence negotiating with my stomach.

"I will give you a couple pieces of pizza later if you just SUCK IT UP for an hour, stomach".

"Alright....but don't go off on a rant...I will make you forget the rest of the show, Rest of Sharron"

"Fair enough, Stomach...may I continue?"

"Please do"

5. Finish the went amazingly...thank god...

6. Sell a couple CD's and while I do a young and beautliful blond girl comes up to me...keep in mind that some of my show is about how I learn to accept myself the way I am...she gives me a little squeezy ball...that I think people use to calm themselves...and she barely speaks english...she says, very haltingly that she would like me to keep this...because she used to hate the way she looked in the mirror...and that this squeezy ball always helped. It has clearly been well loved...I am humbled...what a lovely thing. If I wasn't so fucking tired I woulda had a it is...

But I couldn't cry because I had to go to....

7. Promo gig at 10:00pm at the Udderbelly 2...a Musical Comedy Night...I was interested to see what I was gonna see...OH it bears or does it bare...I never get that right...anyway...I gotta tell you...because I have spent a lot of time walking I managed to get a blister...that has turned into some kind of war now...I a trying to not limp around in my high heels...or my frye I put on my rain coat...still raining...and we shove ourselves into Rob's (fabu producer) car and off we go...Rob tends not to believe what the GPS is telling us so we get a bit lost...and there are three yelling accents in the car....Welsh...North London....Etobicokian...and me with my hands over my ears. WE make it. Get rockstar parking. And in we go.

There are a lot of duo comedy acts here...and there are 4 of them in this is an interesting gig.

More really nice fave are the hosts "Horse and Louis" who are doing a free gig (there are a ton of them) at Laughing Horse - ESpionage. I will be going.

8. We go to a pizza place. WE get a pizza... I tell my stomach it is on it's way. Then I fall into a mouth open coma/sleep.

Holy fuck doodles.

So, today, I am taking it easy....writing to all of you who might wanna read!

Also today...I woke to two very awesome pieces of internet info.

Our friend, Michael Hughes...decided to write Margaret Cho on the Twitter...Cho is here in Edinburgh, doing her show and looking for a shopping mate...

So, I woke to my email telling me that Margaret Cho wrote me on Twitter...what the fuck....

I have written her back...we shall see what develops...I am gonna try and get her to my show!!!

AND I got my first 5 STAR (they love the stars over seems to matter more than the content of the review...I heard someone exclaim yesterday "It reads like a five!") review today!!!


Here it is....


5 stars


7th August show.

Sharron is the only person I’ve seen who personally welcomes every audience member as they come in to their show. She is incredibly affable and sets everyone at ease, it’s almost like she’s welcoming you into her home.

This sets up an all-too-quick hour of fabulous singing and anecdotes. Sharron has a huge vocal range and covers all styles and genres, sometimes in the same phrase. Yet it’s not over-used – her voice is beautiful, honest and sometimes deeply emotional and a joy to listen to.

She has the whole audience in tears of laughter one second, then in complete silence for the next song. Absolutely delightful. Add to that the spot-on musicianship of Chris Tsujiuchi who is clearly enjoying himself on piano – this is pure entertainment at it’s best. Fabulous! - Alan

Here is a link to the review proper....

I want to take this moment to thank Rob and Chloe, Rob's assistant, for working so hard all day to fill the houses. And they are filled, people. Packed.

And Chris...he is so fabu to have fabu...and a true supporter...onstage and off...and he plays like a dream.

I couldn't be happier...I am going to take a nap right now!!!

The only thing missing?



And DON'T Forget!

This WEdnesday at 9:00pm Canada SINGS is on for the second week....

Just Energetics vs. Toronto Fire Fighters.....

OOHHH.....Christian and I worked with the Just Energetics...a super eclectic, talented and diverse team. Super positive problem solvers...and all round good people! Hard working people!!! GO JUST ENERGETICS!!!

Here they are!!!

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