Friday, August 10, 2012

AND then...4 Star Scotsman, BBC 6 and Portabello BBQ FRINGE DAY 9

Fortunes and moods  can change so quickly is a bit astonishing.
I find that when it is challenging times the CHALLENGE is all you can acknowledge and during the awesome times you just...move along...relieved, in a way.
After horrible Scowly Purse Lady I went into a night time funk.
COULD not sleep.
THEN got woken up super early by George and Rob with this....

An awesome 4 star Scotsman review and a cover!! 2nd year in a row! THAT is will make filling the houses some easier for Team #GOLD. (See my gel nails...I got them at Jenner's...fancy)

Here is a link to the actual review, if you find yourself intrigued...

AND right after the morning review party we listened to Shaun Keaveny's radio show on BBC6 and there I was...and then he recommended the show!! HURRAY!!

Then I put on my comfys and ran to Fringe Central to photocopy, cut and staple the review to the have to get there early because it is a blood bath to get to use the implements needed to accomplish the aforementioned task. 
There were 8 pretend pregnant school girls, in their costumes... of course, waiting for the cutting machine...and they WERE NOT quiet about it. I finally had to say..."You are 20ish, right? Give this 43 year old lady a break and back off...I got shit to do!" They seemed to respond to this...while still watching me over their shoulders.
Off to the mile to give the boys the flyers and back to try and sleep...and I did for about a half hour. So, 4 1/2 hours sleep all together.
Because of the awesome review, and the hard ass work of Team #GOLD....HUGE House! I have had good house all the way along but yesterday was especially GOOD!
The show was fabu...then we went to magicland.
Yes, magicland.

Laura, our fabu PR person from Groundworks invited us to...the Edinburgh...called Portobello.
Team #GOLD got in a cab, I took off my make up and my eyelashes on the street outside the Tesco (fancy) and we dragged our show stuff and some BBQ fixens to...the Edinburgh. 
WHO KNEW!?!?!?
It was magic.
Laura invited all of her clients, including a Korean musical comedy show called Hi-Kick...those boys have energy...and we had an amazing afternoon at the beach. Just amazing.
Here are some pics...

Cooch plays VolleyBall

This pretty much says it all....

Even the dress got to go....

So Handsome.

So crazy.

Rob, Myself, AWESOME LAURA and Cooch

Me and Cooch talk about life.

Me, Ila, Sally and Matthew...who I did not know but became friends with...we all told Matthew he would get in trouble if he got wet...he got in trouble.

One of my fave shots...

 Thanks to Laura for such an amazing day!!
After we went home and rehearsed (yes, I fucking said gotta work when you can!) we met some old friends for a drink downstairs from our flat at Sandy Bells....

 Neil, Karen, Micke, Huw, myself and George had a smart cocktail and conversation! And then I began to flag! It was great to see Karen and Neil...and Micke, of course, but this girl had to sleep! was a full night of sleep!
Thanks to the Scotch and the Kookoo Crazy Edinburgh day.
You REALLY never know what is gonna happen! 

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