Wednesday, August 15, 2012

LIGHTS! No lights? Summer in Edinburgh...Week 3

Today, I woke up about 6:00am, sat up and looked out the window...there was a dense fog...spooky...and I was thrilled.
The first year I came to Edinburgh I brought summer dresses and little flowing blouses...and I was fucking freezing the whole time. I wore sport socks with shorts more than I would like to mention. I remember that I one hoodie for the whole two weeks and the last day I went to the PoundSaver and bought myself some GLOVES!! It was August 29th, people. Cold. And last year, I packed like a friggen ninja...and brought all the right things. ALL THE RIGHT THINGS. And it rained and rained but I was prepared.
This year, purely by accident, I brought a pair of flip flops in my purse and I have worn them about 5 times. Unheard of. I know this is boring the fucking shit out of you...but you just gotta is fucking hot and sunny here this year. 
And I wish it wasn't.
Can you fucking believe I just said that?
Me...who has a yearly grudge match with Mother Nature...over summer.
The reason I am so at odds with the sunny times is that it makes being onstage a bit of is...well, I sweat...a lot.
The audience seems fine...but I am just pouring sweat.
I have seemed to figure out how to keep my eyelashes on...yes, I have sweat them off...three times. 
And I powder the shit out of my face so my make up doesn't run...but...but...I had sweat falling off my freakin' nose yesterday.
AND the audiences are coming in to see me melt in  droves! (It isn't affecting my performance, doubters, I pretend I am that famous sweat-er,  Sammy Davis, Jr....and, after all, my theme is all about working hard!) I had two sell outs over the weekend and last night (A Tuesday, which is usually quite quiet and people are offering 2 for 1) was packed. 
There was one night I didn't sweat...Sunday night.
Because 10 minutes into the show the lights blew.
They had ALSO blown at the top of the show and I had begun a Carol Burnett question and answer for 20 minutes...then, assured that they were fixed...I started the piece (yes, I said "piece") and after my fave lighting effect (thank god) the lights blew...the supermarket fluorescent lights came on and there me and my sell out house were...staring at each other...all of them and me...and I quickly said, "Don't mess around with the lights! Let us just go on!" And I did...for 50 minutes. It is always a bit strange to change it up after you have been doing something for a while one way....and you now can see EVERYONE'S face. is the strange was one of my fave shows I have ever done. 
And the audience was just amazing...we had a wonderful time together.
It was an awesome way to finish the week.
The universe is funny.
I am so happy to be doing the festival this year.
And I am very thankful.
Having my husband, George, here is a huge gift.
And Team #GOLD is awesome...we are a real team...with a deep belief in what we are doing.
Rob-the producer, Huw-the assoc. producer, George- the co-producer, Cooch-accompanist extraordinaire, Anjali-stage manager/tech director, Laura-PR is an awesome team.
As I said, I feel very lucky. Very.
And I got a 6 STAR review!!! 6 effing stars!! Here it is!!!

I did a lovely interview with CBC Hamilton and they posted this of my faves ever. I likes it.

And here is a beautiful vid that Chris made of our trip to Portobello and the visit of one, Mike Bickerton.
It is very special.
Counting my blessings today.
Hope all are well and thanks for reading.

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