Sunday, August 19, 2012

End of Week 3! Holy CRAP!!!

THIS is the Pleasance Above....where we do this little skit!
It the morning of show 17 here in Scotland and show 21 all round of GOLD.
The weather is gorgeous in Edinburgh...I have never experienced such good weather here. Magic.
I am a bit agog at how fast it has all gone so far and at the same time it feels like we have been here a long time...which by some standards we have, but I have also toured for a year at a there you go!
Yesterday, we had our first regulation SOLD OUT house...we have been packed to the rafters many other days but with 2 or 3 seats to spare but last night I made the board!

look....down the corner....

I am sure I have mentioned it numerous times but Team #GOLD is working their asses off. They fill that house for me everyday and yesterday was just the best. THANKS TO TEAM # GOLD for that awesome audience. They were a fabulous, yet a bit quiet bunch of audience members and someones arrived 30 minutes late WHAT THE FUCK!?!?! I mentioned, when they sat themselves down on the stairs, that they would be trampled if there was a fire...and someone yelled out "They would deserve it." a thick Scottish brogue. TOUGH ROOM!! 
And someone else tried to escape to get to their next show...I chased THEM to the times.
I have been trying to find a laugh in "Hotel California" that I lost a couple years ago...ya, I said it...years ago (I don't do this song as often as I would like because I change my material with almost every show)...there is a great luxury and joy to be able to do something this many times and find the "things" that exist in each number. 
OH! And I found the laugh...and angels sang and choirs flew...all that shit! It was awesome.
Team #GOLD is the best, I have to say, for many reasons.
We spend a lot of time together and work towards a common goal...and we do it with great synchronicity...and I truly enjoy everyone's company. It is very special to have a team of people to work with...I have come a long way from my "doing it all myself days"...and I am very grateful. Have so many people believing in each other really creates amazing outcomes. I KNOW!! IT SOUNDS LORDY....BUT IT IS TRUE. And we go places together shows....

Cooch and Huw at Piff the Magic Dragon

Huw and George in the Green Room....
We eat together...

Is this Cooch and....?

George and...??!!

Yup, we went out for Pan Asian and all got to pose with the Olympic torch. Life is strange.

We live is something else, really.
After the sickness I had for the whole trip here, last year, this has been such a wonderful time. George is here. The show makes me happy. The venue and it's people are wonderful. TEam #GOLD, as I mentioned earlier, is awesome. Our flat is fabu...although at about 3:00am...I don't know if I have mentioned this already....some dude who is standing under our window starts to yell for EITHER Janice, Katie or Jemma...and he yells for a long time...and then George observed, that someone screams in the park....every night. Strange times, indeed.
We live across the street from one of my fave views.

SO! Today is the last show of week 3....unbelievable! Looking forward to the show. Looking forward to the day off. 
One of the only draw backs of this time is that I really miss my pooches a lot. A lot. 
But there is still a ways to go, on this wonderful journey.
AND so proud of all that is happening for Michael Hughes and  Berend McKenzie here at the Fest! They have made waves!! I never see them because we are all so fucking tired after and before the shows!! But I keep an eye on them and Team #GOLD sees them every day on the Mile while they sell tickets. 
So! Hasselhoff comes next week, ya?
And one of my fave mags 'The Skinny' asked a dude named Fred Fletch to interview him over the is a bit epic...I laughed and is crazy is a link...

And, for anyone who is is what the reviews have been like for the show!!!

RAVE Reviews for "Sharron Matthews Superstar: GOLD 2012"

"A  voice as big, beautiful, and varied as her native Canada."
"I thought she’d burst a blood vessel – or that I would, from laughing."
- The Scotsman 4 Stars **** named HOT SHOW

Broadway Baby
"By the time the show is over, it seems like it has just begun. Matthews’ ability to banter and get familiar with her audience makes them feel like they only just got to know her. One thing is certain, Sharron is pure Gold."
- Broadway Baby 5 Stars *****

The New Current

"It would be hard to find the slightest of faults in this show delivered with class, originality, and passion, Sharron Matthews is a breath of fresh-air and produces a show that has the packed house roaring."
-The New Current 5 Stars *****
Also named one of the 50 Tops Shows of Edinburgh Fringe.

The Curtain Up Show
"Sharron Matthews is a refreshing, bold, extremely talented and naturally comedic performer. It is encouraging to see a cabaret show being performed with raw, natural, witty, dynamic talent. Sharron Matthews truly is the Superstar!"
- The Curtain Up Show 6 STARS ******

"Her voice is superior too and the choice of music certainly shows her range. Performing classic songs and adding a unique twist, or occasionally throwing out the original tune and rebuilding a song from scratch – there are many stand-out moments. Personal favourites included beautiful new arrangements of ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ and ‘Love Stoned’. And I adored what she did with the hitherto innocent sound of ‘Hotel California’."
- Scotsgay 4 Stars ****

"Once again, Sharron Matthews delights in an all-too-quick hour of top-class comedy cabaret. She welcomes every audience member as they come in, instantly putting people at ease and you just know you’re going to enjoy the next hour. Her rapport with the audience is a joy and she has us eating out of the palm of her hands."
-One4Review 5 Stars*****

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