Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Purse Lady, Eddie Izzard, George and Shaun Keaveny DAY 8 at EDFRINGE

So, it never really gets easier here at the Olympics/Survivor of Arts Festivals.
The edfringe is NOT for the faint hearted, people.
I think I have said this a few times...but let me reiterate this fact just in case you were thinking..."Well, that looks easy...I am gonna try me that...." (Say this in a southern American accent and you just about got the sentiment.)
It AIN'T easy.
DO NOT get me wrong, people. 
I am NOT complaining...just stating plain fact.
You can go from having an amazing audience one day, where it feels like you can do no wrong, everything you say is funny and you sing like a motherfucker to THE VERY NEXT DAY watching a woman in the front row...who looked sketch coming into the her pick up her purse EVERY TIME YOU START TO SING A FUCKING SONG and root around in there for the whole song. EVERY SONG.
What the fuck has she got in there?
The cure for cancer?
Part of my soul.
AND her face has been sour as can be from the first words that begin your show. 
And in that one moment you dig in...for the long haul.
And somewhere inside you wanna kick her out...or a at least move her to the back where you can't see her scowly scowly face...but there rest of the quiet audience seems to be enjoying themselves so why eff up their good time?
Oh, you are getting some gum...out of the crinkly blister packet...and giving another to your friend...and to get to that gum you have to open up a velcro pocket...very slower than the plot any of the Twilight get to that pack of gum.
During my ballad.
In the front row.
Oh my sweet lord and the fairies in the sky.
I also chased a dude out of the theatre when he ran to the bathroom and I locked the door...if he goes...he stays gone.
It was a hard ass day, people...with a bunch of lovely audience members and a couple of challenges...shall we say.
BUT there are the good parts.
My dear husband George took the WHOLE year off to come on this tour with me this year. 
My talented husband who is a celebrated actor, singer and producer in North America took the whole year off to help me with this journey. Our family business, he calls it.
He spends a great deal of the day selling the show, getting bums in the seats and people always tell me about how wonderful he is when I greet them before the show starts.
I know how wonderful he is....but I love that all these strangers appreciate it as well.
Two days ago, on my day off, George insisted that I go and get my nails done while he, the producer and the assoc. producer flyered on the Royal Mile for a couple of hours.
Whilst I was in Jenner's I got this text...

"I just met Eddie Izzard"

I freaked.
I knew he was in town working on something and promoting a comedian...he announced two shows in small venues that were sold out in moments...I would have killed to have been there but after a lot of research I knew it was not to be. 
To put this into context, when I saw Izzard at Massey Hall in TO I was afraid I was going to pass out and miss the show, I was so excited.
He is a big inspiration to me.
George, who would never do this kind of thing for himself, saw Izzard walking across the mile...and then followed him, caught up with him...George said he thought he didn't want to be seen, Eddie that is...but he knew how much it would mean to me so he approached him...George said he wasn't too receptive to chatting, he was clearly on his way somewhere, but listened to George tell him about me and how much I loved his work, Izzard told him that he was only in town for two days and could not come to my show...and continued along. George thought Izzard might have been a bit put out at being approached and didn't begrudge him that at all...but said he felt a bit foolish...but knew that he had to do it....for me.
I am inspired by the work of Izzard, to be sure and would have loved to have had him at my show....but  I am honoured on a daily basis that my husband believes so much in me ...and would do something like that for me. 
He is just the best.

Another one of our (Team #GOLD's) plans this year is to get my ass on the radio...well, not my ass but my voice...and THAT IS hard here if your aren't around the UK all year long or if your aren't an effing rock star or a rock star comedian.
I was lamenting this as we walked by the BBC radio tent and I saw a dude standing beside a picture getting his picture taken...he approached and tried to flyer me for his radio show on the BBC and then I flyered the EFF outta him...he was kind and funny and asked me if I minded if this went on the radio...well, the universe works in funny ways, huh?

His name is Shaun Keaveny and he has a show in BBC Radio 6 from 7:00am to 10:00am...THAT is early! But here is to hoping my bit makes it on!
What a day.
I hope that purse lady finds some peace in her life.
I love that my husband is here...and I thank god that he is my husband.
Team #GOLD is working their asses off and killing it here.
BUT it IS NOT always easy.
Day 8 at Fringe and we are all alive.
This is good.

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