Thursday, January 11, 2007

DAY 10!!!!!

I did it!!!
I did it!!!!
I almost cannot believe it myself!
DAY 10!!!!
Of the master cleanse!!!
Last night I dreamt of really, really salty hickory sticks...which was one of my passions growing up...that and turkish delight....who knew?
Yesterday George and I went and met our friend....****... ( maybe they don't want you to know who they are) for lunch,
oh sorry,
tea at Starbanks.....yes, that is what I called it....he is also on the cleanse, that is why they remain nameless....those of us on it have been getting flack from what did we talk about for an hour??
Our do I put it....let me think...
It becomes very interesting when you are doing this...and I have to say it is one of the reasons I am looking forward to being off of it.....I want other interests.
So, I count down the we go into the two day wean..( hehehe...I said wean)..which is liquids the first day, raw fruit, soup and salad the second day and then back to biz as usual.
George and I eat pretty well and plan tonotgorge kinda beats the whole purpose.
For those of you who wanna see there is a new bit of
"The Party"
on youtube....
it is the sing-a-long!!!
It was one of my may even see yourself ...and if you do...please celebrate and be not pissed that you are on youtube!
Did you watch Beauty and the Geek last night!!
Oh my god....I love that show!!!
The blondes are taking over!!
I just noticed that I like to use alot of exclamation marks!
Good for me!!!


Paul B. said...

OK: i am skipping over that whole discussion of poo thing to say that "take a lover in the afterno-on" has always been my favourite part of "Gloria!" God bless ya, Sharron, for getting that up on YouTube: it was just like 1982 and having Laura Brannigan on Solid Gold, but without the spandex!

Sharron Matthews said...

Bless ya, Paul!
Thanks for the email by the way...
I am trying to go global!

TitiTrey said...


Its over, wow that was difficult and i didn't even take part. I felt your pain though. Welcome back to the land of the living!

karen said...

Congratulations!! And enjoy the return the solid food. :)

I am loving the clips of the Party on youtube!

Junior the Barista said...

CONGRATS! You're fierce.

bbrat said...

Congrats ten days.... sure you don't want to go four more... just so you can feel the cleanse euphoria..ahaha... I knew you could do it