Friday, January 26, 2007

Who peed in my ?????

So, I wake up and read my blog from last night and ....I sound angry.........hmmmmmm....sometimes funny sounds angry........sometimes.....TRYING to be funny sounds angry.
No matter.
:) is fricken ( I am trying to clean it up for the younguns) cold.
I got up to go to the chiro at 8:00am.....who the hell do I think that I am gettin' up that early....and it made me want to kill myself just a bit....not alot...but enough.
Alright........Oprah has lost the common touch....I was watching one of the 12 episodes of her program that I had let build up on my PVR...I watched them was alot of self righteousness at once.
Anyway....she was talking to some people who went on her Debt Diet and they were talking about selling their cars and counting ther pennies and she's nodding along.....does she think that we live in caves??.....we know what kinda money she has....she is filthy, stinking, wretched rich....then she has the nerve to say, " I don't have any money to give you guys, don't look at me" let me think.......?
I love it when she has experts on and asks their opinion on a subject that they spent 20 years or more studying....and then gives her opinion at the end of it all to wrap it up.....Thanks Oprah. common touch.
:) !!!!!
Well, I am off to my M & M Meats callback.
I hope I don't suck it up.

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