Saturday, June 23, 2007


Hey y'all.....great show last Monday...if I do say so , my self-centered self! The night was just fun as hell...I almost broke a light and for sure shattered a glass on Janice's table....sooooo sorry Janice! She was a great sport about it!
Okay...George sent me this link to a thing on the youtube....We both love Triumph the Insult Comic Dog...he is usually on the Conan Show.....well this horrible little dog covered the Tony' is the link ...check it out and tell me what you thought!
The old ladies almost made me throw up!


Gillian said...

The Party was fabulous! It felt wonderful to be back. :D

Haha! Karen and I saw that Conan the other night. My favourite part is when he tries to insult Rosie and all the Spring Awakening kids are way too nice and start booing him. :)

karen said...

Monday night was fantastic, as always! The party is such a happy place to be. :)

We saw that on Triumph thing on tv and it made me laugh (although I'm with you on the old ladies... :)). Speaking of the Tonys, though, what did you think of them this year??

Junior the Barista said...

My favourite part of that was the Donna Murphy-Olive Garden joke!!! CLASSIC!

Micke said...
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Micke said...

HEY! I heard that you were inquiring about my whereabouts on Monday night! I am still in lame-o Japan for four more days. But I will DEFF be at the party in JULY. (when my friends told me that you called out my name I felt like I had missed roll call or something. I wasn't skipping. I was working. I swear!)
okay the Triumph skit was hilarious. I wet my pants when he called Angela Lansbury effing Winston Churchill. And Tuberculosis guy freaking out stupid Donna Murphy was AWESOME.
And the two matinee ladies sharing a tongue that is what I call quality programming.

Kevin said...

Thanks again for the song, and laughs Sharron it meant alot.
I had a great time, and received quite a few compliments about being your official bitch...gawd is good