Monday, June 11, 2007

The Party

Here we are again!
Sharron's Party
We now begin Sharron and Patricks last four engagements at the Gladstone......
You haven't seen the Party yet?
Well, it is time for you to make it down and see what everyone is talking about!
Monday June 18th @ the Fantastic Gladstone Ballroom
1214 Queen West!
Doors @ 7:30pm and Show @ 8:00pm!
This week we have the fantastic Thom Allison
returning for the...are you ready for it....fourth time...What will he do????
Sharron and Patrick have been cooking up four very special shows to finish this fantastic experience off in style and....well... maybe not grace!
But with some dirty words and a bawdy 70's or 80's tune....
Who knows what they will do next?


Junior the Barista said...

I am so sad. I cannot come. I am in Saskatchewan til Tuesday, and then I leave for PEI the next day. I can't come to the next FOUR PARTIES! My heart is broken.

Sharron Matthews said...

Oh honey! That is too will be that how you spell that....missed! How did the cabaret go?? Send me the highlights...