Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Trees, Owly people in the front row...and crotchless panties!

So, it is all over but the trip to Peterborough on Thursday to Sharron's Christmas Party at Showplace there.... I did it there last year and had a blast, by the by, and I look forward to shoving Wayne Gwillim in a rental car and hopefully not getting stuck in a snowstorm!
We wanna pass on some holiday cheer, y'all!
The shows on the weekend went very well!
Friday is always a bit more quiet but they were smiling and laughing....they enjoyed themselves in an
'I worked all week and want to be quiet and entertained'
kinda way.
My sweet Ian Simpson, my dear friend from college, was so sweet and lovely that everyone kept asking me if that was the way he really was.... he sang a Carpenters medley and a Christmas song and a duet with me... that we sang together in 1986.... I mean really.
Teresa Pavlinek.... what a panic!!!
That woman is funny and ever so creative... and a mover and shaker... I feel very inspired by her.
The audience was in stitches.... as was I!
And I brought up a young man named Shawn Myers to sing a duet with me as my encore... I did a show with him at Randolf on Sunday and when we rehearsed I thought that he was just great!! Oh ya... he is 13!!!
He killed it!
And then the next night..... Sarah Strange... most excellent... she has awesome material and I think she is just a star in the waiting.
Then opera diva Jean Stilwell did her Apathetic Man song with her dear friend Brad as the man... he went into the audience and wrote his phone number on a mans hand with a sharpie... awesome... and she did a fantastic ballad... oh my... what a woman and all accompanied by the fantastic Ms. Patti Loach.
And Shawn came back and killed for a second night!
I loved the shows... the audiences were excellent.. the Saturday night show was just so wild and crazy and the audience was caught up in the flavour of the 'Party'... they were very sassy.. and then when we all sang ' White Christmas' together... I cried.
Ah.... I love that show....
Some lovely blogger named 'Vickie' was at the show and had these great things to say.....

Now, some people wouldn't point it out when there are nice things written about them... I just think... Why the eff not!!!
And here is a little songologue I wrote called 'Where is Christmas?' arranged and played by Wayne Gwillim..
Sorry.... you have to copy and paste below... I can't make it link otherwise... but it will be worth it... I think!!!

and by the by....
Last night when George came home from London... he brought me this.....
It made me cry.... I am very Christmas-sensitive right now....
So, I wish you a merry week and a half before Christmas....

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