Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Enough of shitty people.... LET US DO CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Oh, look at that!
That is from my very first 'Sharron's Christmas Party' at Buddies all those years ago....
And here I am three years later.... on the fourth 'Holiday' installment...
Let me count my Christmas Party Blessings.....
I have done over 30 ....holy shit... yes, 30 Parties....and sung numerous songs.... I have had about 75 guests... worn about 75 outfits....with full accessories ... I have had about 4000 Party Peeps in the my ever changing and always excited audience.....sung about 30 Sing a Longs.... sung about 90 different songs and written over 30 Songologues and told one million jokes... of which 500 000 landed... which is not a crappy ratio!
Since I started my whole life has changed for good and for.... how shall I best put it... the challenging.....I have come up against many walls but I seem to put on my climbing gear and claw myself over one bloody nailed hand at a time!!
But I have been blessed with many, many supporters and helpers and people who love the show!
People who show up and just want to be a part of it all.
People who email and send kind words of encouragement and excitement!
I love the Party.
I have dreamt of it my whole adult life.
After all the work... the postering and the calling and the emailing and the facebooking and the going to peoples shows to see the new faces (which is a pleasure) and the rewriting and the
'I am not sure if this is funny' moments......
I get to walk onto stage and look at the most fantastic view.
I want to take this Oscar moment to thank some of the people who have helped me make it this far.

Grant Ramsay....he is a friend, supporter, kindred spirit and one of the best publicists around!
Pam Chorley's Fashion Crimes... what can I say to Pam, Crystal, Kat and all the ladies there...I feel like a million bucks EVERYTIME!!! I would be wearing a burlap sack and a popcorn string necklace without you.
Buddies in Bad Times... Patricia, Erika, Jim, David, Shawn, Chris, Katherine, Charissa, Crystal, Glen, Patricia, Aiden, Adrian and those who have just slipped my mind..... I LOVE IT THERE!!!
It is like coming home.
Steve Thomas, Reza Jacobs, Wayne Gwillim, Ryan DeSouza, Jim Clayton and Zachary Florence ....the fabulous arrangers and accompanists who I have had the pleasure of working with over the last year and a bit.... thanks for being so damned creative and supportive.
Jim Russell... I could NOT have made it through without you, sir!
Thom Allison.... For many reasons...he is one of the hugest talents... one of my dearest friends...I don't know what this world would be like without him... probably a very boring and less shiny place.

To all my guests.. I could name them all but that fucking scares the shit outta me....thanks for coming and doing all the work to be a part of the show...and not being too scared when I tell you I will be interviewing you!
George Masswohl....a man who makes my life better, easier and happier and sometimes more challenging... as I watch him live his life as such a good and dear man... a man who stands up for what he believes in and always roots for the underdog, I am inspired to be a better person.
And having said that... for letting me tell stories about him for 16 years.
I love him.
And to you.... Blog readers, Youtube watchers, email getters, Party people.. thanks for coming, opening, reading and all that you do to help out!
I am gonna be off to do some Musical Theatre for a while... but who knows what will happen between now and the next Party...
When will that be?
Who knows.... but I will be writing and thinking and hearing new/old songs and coming up with sarcastic comments everyday.
Oh, why is everything so... the end of all things... at Christmas???
So, I hope that you can come out to this weekends Christmas Show ( December 12th and December 13th @ Buddies in Bad Times Call 416 975 8555 for tickets) ... it will be a panic.... there are gonna be people you can't believe in the audience... people who you CAN BELIEVE onstage...and laughter...we will laugh... we will sing... we will pee!
Here is a little thing...
It is one of my favourite songs ever that I have done...with and arrangement and accompaniment by the fantastic Steve Thomas....

Merry Christmas Babies!!!

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