Friday, December 19, 2008

Sharron's Surprise Party??? WHAT!

I know y'all!
If you have been to show or read the blogs or know me at know how hard I have worked on my cabaret for the last 4 years ( actually since 1994.... oh I am so dramatic...say dramatic with a french accent sounds better).... starting at Statlers in Jan 2005 to Buddies to the Fabu Gladstone then back to Buddies again! And, I have to say, it is the last 6 months at Buddies that has been the most rewarding and exciting!!!
I have been so happy with all the places I have worked but Buddies is my fave... Even my Mom, who came to the show on December 13th could not believe how well everyone treated me so well...'Sharron, they really like you here.." she said with disbelief... okay...not disbelief... but doesn't that make the story better??
Mom also laughed at every single 'fuck and 'shit' that I screamed out.
Buddies seems to be the warmest and bestest fit!!
I love it!
Anyhow... the reaction to the last shows ... (and last night in Peterborough I had an awesome crowd, with about 14 peeps from Toronto!!! I love that!) has been so overwhelming that I talked with... myself... and my sweet Georgie...and my good peeps at Buddies... and decided that I would do one more Party before Chicago....
A: to get ready for maybe doing Sharron's Party in Chicago....
B: for the people who asked for a show on the dark night ( the night off for all of the theatre artists in Toronto)
C: Because Thom Allison is coming home!!! Thanks to GOD!!!
D: to show you the new artist I found, Andrew Broderick
E: Because it would be fun!!!
That is enough reasons right?
I am a little jazzed about it!
So, firstly... let us have January be awesome and sparkly... not sucky!

Sharron's Surprise Party
Because aren't the best things in life unexpected?
Monday January 19th
Tallulah's Cabaret @ Buddies in Bad Times Theatre!
Guests Andrew Broderick
and Thom Allison
Call 416 975 8555

Now, check this out!!!
It is my surprise guest from the Christmas will freak... he is 13 years old!
Who knows what the surprise will be next time?

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