Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Resolve ?

I have received so many Youtube's and essays now about how the year is coming to a close.... I feel all like I should say something.
What do I have to say?
Life is never what you expect it is.
You can plan and plan....but the most that we can hope for is to react well to what comes.
And to enjoy the bliss when we are in it.
That sounds all 'Oprah' doesn't it?
Can I tell you how relieved I was that Oprah had also gained weight this year?
That is just the truth.
As I watched me pants not fit this year, after years of struggle I just felt ....AHHHHHH!
Can you feel...AHHHH?
I say yes.
But if that rich, trained, chef-ed Oprah has a problem keeping the pounds off it makes me feel a bit better.
It makes the fucking trip back to the treadmill not so bad.
Still bad....but just a little less.
I cannot believe that I turned 40....what the eff.
George commented last night about how he wishes that we could get a dog that would live for 40 years...because then George would most certainly be dead by the end of that time.... Marley and Me made us both a bit morose....and I thought...
'oh my god.... is my life half over?....and I still haven't figured out how to stay skinny....earn a million that fucking guitar I bought 5 years ago....and, oh so many other things?!'
Is it true?
Ug...that Marley and Me movie was a horrible idea.....for us that is....or was it?
This year we lost our beloved companion of 15 years .... the dear sweet Otto.....the big stink ....god... he was bad...he was so badly trained...he peed everywhere... he made me laugh... yell... cry... sleep better... curse his name....and pray for him to come to me in my dreams....
Oddly enough.....that movie with Owen Wilson and that beautiful dog was a freeing thing for George and I....we cried.....snot cried....and then we came home and cried some more.
And then I turned over to an excited face that said
'Let's go to the Humane Society...'
And I knew it was a good idea.
We went.
Here's a question.
Why do so many skids get pit bulls and then realize that there skid-asses can't take care of that dog and take them to the pound?
There were at least 20 of them.
But there was a great dog named Lucky....who we spent a little time with....not the dog for us...I was hopeful but them I sneezed and my face broke out....I am not allergic to all....but I am to Lucky.
Anyhow... we are looking.....just like when baby-people say .....we are trying.
That is amazing.
I am happy about my new/old home for the Party.... the Buddies in Bad Times....when I was doing Sky Gilbert's 'Happy' there....
by the way...
'Happy' was named one of the worst productions of the 2008 in the Star....eff it... I had a great time in it... I loved it and had a fab time with all the talented people in it.... I feel all avant garde....
I hope that is spelled right.... with the spumante I drank last night I lost a couple brain cells.....where was I?
I am such a media whore that I am proud to be named in a paper at all!!!
When I was at Buddies this year I felt so loved!
I thought..'Why is my show not here?'
And then it was....they have been so very wonderful to me....and I love them all!
Don't forget I have a show...
Sharron's Surprise Party...
On Jan 19th @ 8:00pm.
Come on down!!
I love that George is home from all of his travels... I saw he Christmas Carol up at the Grand....
He was all 'Jacob Marley'.....Marley.... coincidence... I think not... anyhow ... he was all dreamy!!
I hope that we get to enjoy this home time....
Story to follow.
What else happened this year?
OH ya!!
I hosted the effing Doras at the effing Winter Garden... one of the funnest nights of my life....thank god... I am sure it coulda gone either way... but I had a fabulous time!!!
I was nominated and... lost... sad... but fuck it... it became a great story... so.. worth it!
I lived in the very tiny... teeny... small town of Niagara On The Lake... sometimes they call it NOTL...hmm.... had to go to the Staples in St. Catharines to get a photocopy....
And was haunted by a ghost there.
I also figured out a couple things this year... some I already knew and some I was reminded of.
I have wonderful friends and supporters.
Man... do I ever...and I thank them rock.
And they have been reminded me that I have to fight for what I believe in and...and what my story is... and what is right....
Also...sadly....or happily...depends on how ya look at it... I learned that there are people who we spend too much of our lives trying to help or support who do not reciprocate... and I hope that I find the power and the forward vision to identify them before I invest too much of my energy in them.
What a great party we had last night in our cool loft!!!
I love the parties... and we invited a bunch of peeps very late in the game...I had grand plans of having huge dance party... but them christmas came and we both go the effin that was arwful....I threw up things that were in my colon.
Anyhow... we had a lovely sit down party... with gaming....not swinging... put it back in your pants sweeties....Geoff and Michael, Michael and Darcy... so recently married this year... got into a whole...'He still gets it..' conversation... laughed.. I peed... and Ari... he came before he went with the younguns to a sledding and dancing party... it sounds all Victorian....Randy... sans his husband Steve is in Winterpeg....Randy was a very good sport and played Celebrity...and even though Lytle said
'Who the fuck is Geraldine Page? A Trip to Bountiful is a horrible movie!'
...Randy didn't hold it against him...he just paled... and when Randy got up to describe Gary Cooper...his description was...'Patricia Neal said that he was very well hung!' LOVE YOU RANDY!!!
By the way Steve... he is cleaning the house right now!!
Diana and Kevin....Diana in he pretty dress all ready to party... we never get to see them enough... as a host gift she gave us wrapped packages of gastromonic delights...Homemade offing Marshmellows...REALLY!!!
And late arrival John... who festooned my hair with a tiara of glowsticks....
Oh what a night!!
And George drank his first beer in two months... he was all giggly.
I am very excited that it is a whole new year!!!
2009... is gonna be the best year ever... I am gonna take all that experience from 2008 and stick it in the toaster for 2009 and make a whole new kinda......english muffin?
Mmm... I am hungry... George, please go make me breakfast.....and turn up the heat....he is always trying to freeze me to death... men are furnaces...
I stand resolved.

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Meeshbeer said...

It's been so lovely following your journey this year. Your blog was a constant source of smiles in a year where there wasn't much to smile about at my end.

I hadn't ventured out to one of your shows for two reasons. 1) there was a time when I literally had .88cents in my bank account this fall. So, going to "parties" just wasn't in the cards. 2) I was terrified it would shine a giant spotlight on the big hole in my "why the fuck aren't I doing this anymore???" heart and I would spend the evening crying in the shadows.

I'm not promising, but I am seriously going to try to face that fear and come to your send off party.

oh, and I share your Oprah glee. If someone with all of the means and a team of people can't keep her ass from spreading, then how the hell are we mere mortals supposed to keep it up??? I too am taking the evil journey back to fiery depths of hell... er... the gym this year. hehe

Good luck with your puppy search. I'm sure, when the time is right, the perfect little furry soul will appear.

happy new year my friend.