Friday, December 12, 2008


Oh ... he is so handsome....
Wanna know this saddest thing?
George can't come to...

Sharron's Christmas Party tonight,December the 12th or tomorrow, December the 13th.
@ Buddies in Bad Times
Tallulah's Cabaret
12 Alexander Street
Doors @ 7:30pm and Show @ 8:00pm

He is working into London.
Not England.
BUT I am still excited about the show.... it really is one of my faves.
Now, someone wrote me and asked about all the videos....
Where am I getting them, do I tape all of my shows... Will I put the whole shows on one day?
All good questions all......
I have two young dear friends who have been showing up at all my shows and they tape them.... the fabulous Ari Weinberg and the glamorous Sara Farb...they spend the whole time behind the camera...and now they have lifetime free tickets to Sharron's Party... you read it here!
And yes, I do tape all of my shows... since they are all new.. sometimes they contain an old fave...but they are mostly all new...and I shift the ideas around...I like to have a record so I can see what worked and what doesn't... I also find that putting the stuff on YOUTUBE is spreading the word about what I wanna do!
And I also do some things live that go well and weren't planned and I want to remember what it is... the whole show is a blur people!
And I like to put some things up... but I don't want to put the whole shows... because what brings you to the show if you know you can see it all youtube?
Although.... it is always better if you are a part of the party!
It is a happening...
Here is the last new video fo the the year... you guys were asking for a Broadway tune.... so here it is!!!

And here it is.... my last show for a while!
I am excited!
I hope that you can come!

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