Friday, August 21, 2009

SO, you know What?

Just when I think I am making it ... that I am all current and fabulous...doing my thang...I get someone asking me to justity my thang, tell them what my thang is....oh, and who are you, Miss Thang?
Okay...not that I am all self important...well, not too self important but WHAT The EFF?!?!?!?
The nother day....yes, I wrote 'other' with an n in front....because I can...oh,and for the record, I love elipses....I don't care if you don't....I think it sounds like the way I suck it elipses- haters....
Breathe....I think the antibiotics make me ornery.
Where the fuck was I?
Oh Ya, the Nother day...I was chatting with a fabulous, well respected and wonderful actress ... we were at the Toronto Reference Library...
(Sidebar:they hate me there...two reasons...One: I pull out 100, 000 books that they have to put back...Two: They came to see my show and due to the fact that they are deeply religious were offended by my potty mouth and low cut dress, they think I am the devils whore.....
But maybe I am paranoid.)
So, I am standing away from the librarians who are staring at me, talking to my dear fabulous actress friend...who is about 60 years old...and she starts to tell me how she is there to find the addresses of theatres that she hasn't worked at to introduce herself to them...
I freeze.
Now, this a pretty well-known Canadian actress and she is effing 60!!!
I am all "WHAT?!"!
"Why the hell should you have to write anyone?
They should know you!"
I am off on a grand tirade in the middle of the REF and the librarians are staring daggers at me...because I am dirty and now, loud...and she, the actress says "That is just the way it is never over...the selling and the gotta do it."
I just wanted to lie down on the stinky three hundred year old carpet and die a bit....
Is it never over?
I mean, you all get my well timed Facebook message and emails...I try not to over do it...but a girl has gotta promote her shit, right?...and when someone I know walks up to me and asks "So are you doing anything in the theatre?" I just wanna freak the freak out.
How hard is it to get your shit noticed in this country.
Answer: Effing hard....okay Sharron be positive....challenging.
But I have always dreamed that there might be a day when all of the hard working artists out there... when we just might be able to sit for a sec and ride on our that so effin' bad?
Not that I think I am even close to that place but still......did I mention that woman is 60!!!!
I dream of the day when musical theatre is respected as an artform in this country and when the same aforementioned country celebrates their artists... and when elipses will be embraced in storytelling circles everywhere....

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